Thursday, 3 November 2011

cool fans review


I was sent the coolfan to review by the lovely people of at coolfans

A bit more information:

Due to fears of germ cross-contamination it is standard practice in nurseries and care homes NOT to blow on another persons food.This is one of the basic rules of food hygiene.

Don't risk passing on a flu or cold virus to your child,let the powerful coolfan do the cooling for you,quickly and safely.

This ingenious invention can be used from when your child starts on solids right through the toddler years,allowing the whole family to sit and eat together.

More useful info:

  • Choose from four fun designs.(Izzy,Dixie,Milo and Axil)
  • Accommodates most plates,dishes and bowels.
  • Fan can be detached from frame for cleaning.All materials are wipe clean.
  • Quality fan construction with soft fan blades to prevent injury.
  • Open design allows food to be stirred,further decreasing the cooling time.
  • Beneficial uses for children,disabled people and the elderly.
  • Powered by 2 AAA batteries(included)
  • Made in the uk to approved CE standards.
  • Price £9.99 plus P&P
The coolfan gang.

My thoughts on the coolfan:

Well anyone that knows me and my family will know full well that mealtimes are one of the most stressful times of the day for us,our meals generally consist of a baby crying a 2 and 4 year old moaning they are hungry but having to wait the older 2 getting annoyed with all the noise and me and the bf generally getting really stressed out!.

And then along came axil   the insane but harmless member of the coolfan gang he always gives 100% but his short attention span often leads to catastrophic results.  :)

We have been using axil for about 3 weeks now and ive got to say hes been an absolute godsend!
By the time dinners done our two are moaning/crying they are hungry then when we take their dinner past them and onto window sill to cool down they start screaming because they have to wait even longer.

With axil this is no longer the case once the batteries are in you are ready to go no messing about trying to figure out tricky instructions to use ect. 
The first time i used axil my daughters face was a picture not only was her plate put in front of her right away but the delight of watching it do its job kept her quiet for the minute if that it took for it to cool her dinner down!......ethan my 4 year old was happy going second instead of screaming to get his now instead of anyone else..... ive got to say that was our first enjoyable meal in months!.

Since this we have used the coolfan every night without fail i can honestly say i dont know what i did without it.
Besides being easy to use and clean i love the fact it has soft fans so my son and daughter wont hurt their hands if as kids do they try to investigate them whilst working,and despite this they are still very efficiant in getting the job done!.

I absolutely love the coolfan and have already been talking about it to friends and our our local toddler group.
The only thing i do wish was that it was foldable for storage its not big however it is too big to put in changing bag while eating  out lol.

The coolfan is a must have product with babys and young why not pop over to their site to check them out for yourselfs.
for more information and to view their website please click coolfans.

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  1. Never heard of the coolfans, but what a cool idea. :)


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