Monday, 28 November 2011

sylvanian families review

Help to celebrate the sylvanian family's 25th anniversary 

Sylvanian families info:

Created by the japanese company epoch in 1985 and distributed worldwide by a number of companies.
The characters are grouped into family's of woodland animals such as Beavers,Hedgehogs,Mice ect.
They were a part of the 1990's craze(fad toys)to have/buy and lets be honest they still are!.
They won Toy of the year for 3 years in a row,in 1987,1988 and 1989.
By the end of the 1990's sylvanian families had been discontinued in the uk,however flair have since reintroduced them.In 2007 Sylvanian families in the uk celebrated their 20th anniversary with some new items such as the best selling otter boat.
And now here we are celebrating Sylvanian families 25th anniversary,and flair have very kindly sent me 2 of the most succesful products of the year to test and review.

I was sent the  wedding Celebration set rrp£ 24.97(from tesco,price varys depending on stockist)

Everyone loves a good wedding and kids are no different girls in particular so why not let them celebrate their own big day in style with william and catherine balmoral.
This gorgous couple are accompanied by the reverend kelvin walters,their 2 cute bridesmaids amelia and louise and their ever soo sweet and cheeky pageboy james.

And i was also sent the motorcycle and sidecar featuring george and mildred mulberry rrp£26.99(from the entertainer,prizes vary depending on stockist)

Our thoughts:

My son and daughter both loved playing make believe with these 2 cute playsets,my son as expected  especially loved the motorcycle and sidecar,he loved taking george and mildred for big adventures around our home and even insisted they wanted to go on a train journey!
With his autism hes not into little pieces so he wouldnt touch the helmets but that didnt stop him having fun at all.
My daughter loved the wedding celebration set,no doubt due to the pretty dresses they were wearing and the fact that their was a little bunch of flowers for the bride to hold(she loves the finishing touches to things) she would line them up in a row with the reverend standing in front,she would start chattering away before getting up and shouting hooray and clapping then sitting back down to make them all dance and kiss each other.

All in all my kids absolutely love these products the start of many i am sure my daughter has already pointed to the baby fairground house in argos lol(shes only 2)

If you are stuck for an xmas pressies you cant go wrong with either of these two products,I think the Wedding celebration set would also make ideal gifts for little bridesmaids too.

to view flair website for more info on stockists or to view other great products they sell please click here


  1. My girls are just getting interested in Sylvanian Families, but some of the stuff is so expensive xx

  2. some can be hun but i think theres something for every budget as much as i would love to i cant afford some either however tesco have alot upto half price at the moment hun my daughter wants the fairground house which is normally 60 but at the moment is 30 at tesco yipee!! :P


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