Thursday, 10 November 2011

hipp organic review

I have recently started weaning my 6 month old son and the lovely people over at   Hipp have very kindly set me a bundle of delicious baby foods for my son to try out :)

What we received:
  • A 230g packet of banana and peach breakfast
  • 2 fruit pouches..... mango,apple and peach and apple,strawberry and banana
  • A 2 pack of gently steamed pots..... succulent tomato and chicken ragout
  • 6 jars....william christ pears+banana and peach dessert+vegetables with rice and chicken+red fruit and apple compote+vegetable and turkey casserole and lastly tender carrots and potatoes  

Our thoughts:

we started off by using the banana and peach dessert once daily for several days he absolutely loved it,i loved the expressions all baby's give off after their 1st taste of food its absolutely priceless! :)
we quicky moved onto the jars at lunchtime and a pouch at night,i find with him being full before sleeping he  sleeps a he tends to settle  alot faster.

So far it seems his favorites are the steamed pots and banana and peach brekkie.
my favorite is the  pouches as they are so convenient you can just grab one and pop into your changing bag,they are also alot cleaner as you can gently squeeze the food out as your baby eats it.
i found they were quick to warm up a little too 1-2 mins and they were just right :)

All in all my son loves hipp and i certainly intend to continue to use.

You can buy Hipp from most major retailors and supermarkets
to visit the Hipp website and learn more please click Here.

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