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baby zilli review

                                    The great taste of baby zilli

Baby zilli facts: 
It was launched in the retail market in january 2011 with 8 delicious dishes with more coming soon.

Thier are 3 stages:
Stage one from 4 months.
Stage 2 from 6 months and
Stage 3 from 9 months
you can also get  breakfast and pudding pouches both from 6 months and  drinks for 12 months and over.

Thier products also have  :

No added salt or sugar
No bulking agents
No E-numbers
No preservatives
No artificial additives
No gm

just 100% goodness!!

I recently got sent  some food pouches for my 6 month old son to test and review by the lovely people over at baby zilli, This is what we thought:

I was really excited to receive some pouches to test by baby zilli as i had hear some really good things about their products and it seems they are all right!

The pouches we received were the:

Blueberry blast.....consisting of blueberry's,apples and bananas.
Tutti frutti.....consisting of peaches,bananas and apricots.
Zilli greens.....consisting of  spinache,peas and pear.
Aldo's fruit punch.....consisting of pears,apples and bananas.

We started off by trying the Zilli greens and apart from the expected face of what on earth he didnt hesistate for a second mouthful and starting  going mmmmmm alot and babbling,he actually ate just over half the pouch which seeing as hes new to weaning and trying new foods is actually really good would normally take a couple of months with my kids to eat this much at the begining.
It wasnt just this pouch either he truly loved all of them eating large amounts each time so much so i had to go out on day 5 to waitrose to buy some more!

        Aaron enjoying his baby zilli   :)

I have and will continue to use baby zilli pouches i especially love how easy they are to use and alot less messy,also perfect for when out and about as u just need a pouch and a bib no cumbersome bowels or spoons.

You can buy Baby zilli from stockists such as waitrose,tesco and babies r us to name but a few,a full list can be found on the Baby zilli website along with other helpful advice,news,comp and their own shop to purchase from. To visit their site just click Here.

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