Friday, 4 November 2011

fancy dress outfitters review

  Have a very merry christmas with the FancyDressOutfitters.

 In our house Christmas is always a very busy time of year it is also full of fun,wonder and excitement,one of the things i have tried to make a tradition in our family is wearing xmas outfits on Christmas day. 
This year i was very lucky to get some help from the wonderful people over at FancyDressOutfitters.
They very kindly let me choose an outfit for each of my 4 oldest children,i can tell you i could not of been more spoilt for choice myself and my oldest 2 daughters had soo much fun looking through their  Christmas fancy dress range.They had everything from santas little helpers, elf's, Christmas crackers and gingerbread man to the more tradition angels,santas and miss santas   :)

In the end we chose:

  • The Daisy Angel Costume age 3-4 £18.48
  • The Christmas Pudding Costume age 10-12  £18.48
  • The Little Reindeer Costume age 3-4  £15.40
  • The Holly Princess Costume  age 10-12  £16.42

My 4 year old was the first to try his costume on and for once he was more than happy too although i do think its because hes obsessed with dogs and even though it looks nothing like 1 he kept going around on hands and knees barking with tongue hanging out lol.

I love the fact it has a detachable hood which is really good as alot of kids cant bear to wear them,its also made really well my favorite bit has got to be the antlers :)

  Next up was my 2 year old daughter as soon as she saw me get the outfit out for her to try on her eyes just lit up she kept clapping her hands and saying me mummy me!.
  I have to say this was my favorite 1 of them all purely for no other reason than its soo cute and my daughter looked soo adorable in it.
When we put Her outfit on her and  then held a mirror out for her to see this was my her 1st reaction  :)

My daughter absolutely loved the angel wings she kept running around waving her arms and watching the wings as if hoping it would help her fly away.
My oldest 2 had chosen their own outfits off the website and were really impressed.they liked how they too could dress up but not look babyish for it.
They loved the colours designs and lengths to their outfits and also said the head bands was like the cherry on top of the cake :)

My overall thoughts:
  • speedy delivery of items
  • wide range of costumes and accessories
  • fantastic quality for money
  • great prices.

I will be mentioning the FancyDressOutfitters to friends for them to consider and hopefully buy for their little ones too.
To view their website plz click here
to see their great children's xmas range clickhere
or to see their wide range of  adults xmas outfits please click here 
 Trust me you wont be disappointed you did!.... now to go and get my baby boy his outfit and we are all set :)


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