Friday, 17 July 2015

Things to do with the kids in Weymouth Dorset and Surrounding area's

For anyone local to Weymouth Dorset and surrounding areas these ideas are for you,most are Weymouth based with a few Extra's thrown in,I hope it gives you all some ideas.....

1. Take a walk along to Rodwell trail to Town to feed the ducks,or go to Sandsfoot Castle you can even visit the little private beach which is open to the public or continue to the Chesil beach visitor centre...A little walk further and you can head into portland.

2.  Portland: why not give Fancy's farm a visit,it's free entry however donations are welcome.

3. Portland: visit Easton Gardens

4. Portland: go and check out Portland museum or Portland castle.

5. Dorchester: Go to the Borough garden,includes tennis courts,a playground and a splash pool

6. Dorchester: The Tutankhamun Exhibition

7. Dorchester: The Keep Museum

8. Dorchester: Dinosaur Museum

9. Dorchester: Dorset's Teddy Bear Museum

10. Bovington: The tank museum.

11. Wareham: Monkey World

12. Wareham: Corfe Castle

13. Yeovil: Yeovil Railway Centre

14. Weymouth: Sealife centre and skyline tower

15. Weymouth: Sandworld

16. Weymouth: Dorset Snowsport Centre

17. Weymouth: Palm house, have a spot of tea and a cake,let the kids play in the play area with a new lush outside play area or take them into the Starfish crafts studio and let them get busy.

18. Weymouth: take them to the park right opposite the Palm house

19.Weymouth:  Go up to the Northe fort let the kids have fun counting the mice

20. Weymouth: go crabbing up by the Northe Fort or along the Harbour.

21. Weymouth: have a picnic there are literally 100's of places you could sit relax and enjoy one

22.Weymouth:  take a ride on the sealife express

23. Weymouth: visit fantasy island- lots of fun rides for the kids at great prices,a lovely restaurant too

24. Weymouth:  go for a walk or jog around Lodmoor Park,take the kids to the swings/slides,or just enjoy a stroll, you can r=even go on a mini train ride

25. Weymouth: by the lodmoor park there is crazy golf...why not have a go?

26. Weymouth: where the sealife express stops by the sealife centre there is a little closed off area with a paddling pool and sand pit-free to use and open to everyone

27. Weymouth: take the kids to Sharkeys

28. Weymouth: Or to the Granby Fun Factory

29. Weymouth: GO TO THE BEACH...most fun and perfect,or if you do get bored or cold hit the Arcades.

30. Weymouth: do a Weymouth 4 kids Treasure Trail

31. Weymouth: Go bowling at MFA bowl

32. Weymouth: visit cineworld

33. Weymouth: Abbotsbury farm,swannery playground or the Subtropical  gardens

To be honest I could go on forever but hopefully this list will start you off you could also bake or do some crafts/messy play and I will put up some ideas in my next post!


  1. Some fabulous ideas there! I love Weymouth and all that area - I'm a sucker for the British coast though. Hope you have a fabulous summer holidays!! :)

  2. I've never been but it sounds like there are loads of things to do.


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