Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Bluebird Coaches-River Boat and Steam Train Ride

Last month we went on a South Devon river boat cruise and steam train ride with Bluebird Coaches,booking was very easy I simply popped into their booking office along Weymouth's Esplanade, it took just 15 minutes to book,pay get a receipt and a leaflet with more information on,I wont lie I was a little anxious as I had never booked with them before and the whole booking process was so quick and simple I just felt something had to go wrong......But it turns out I was wrong we arrived for the pickup on the day got signed off the register,popped Aaron's buggy into the underneath compartment before stepping on board.We did have an issue with the coach which meant we waited in Dorchester for a replacement one to come along this only took about 15 minutes and the whole changeover happened swiftly.

Even though it was over 3 hours journey time it actually didn't feel it,We did arrive behind time for the boat ride however our driver a lovely guy called Alan(I'm terrible with names so please correct me if i'm wrong) rang ahead and the people in charge waited for us to arrive, Sadly even though Alisha had medication and her anti sickness wrist bands on she was still sick..in a bucket that i took just in case,we had to leave this with the driver so we could make the boat ride. To start with we sat on top deck to allow Alisha to get some fresh air,this only lasted for about 15 minutes though until she got too cold where went went down stairs where we had a lovely tea and cookie and Alisha had a Hot Chocolate which I was surprised she drank as she normally only has water or milk but she seemed to like it.
We had a brilliant guided tour with some splendid views.

After we departed the boat we went back to the coach to continue our journey for our steam train ride...we also found our driver Alan had very kindly emptied and washed Alisha's bucket out which I was not expecting but it was lovely of him to do so.

Our last part of our journey....Lunch in the Cafe,our steam train ride a walk around the gift shop and surrounding area before heading back home with two tired munchkins, a great day out had by all and with only one bout of sickness It was totally worth it-great value for money...Thank you Bluebird Coaches for a fantastic first experience with your company...We look forward to booking up with you again once we have some spare pennies!

Here I shall leave you with some final pictures of our day.....


  1. I enjoyed reading this, looks like a lovely trip to take x

  2. I love to go and spend days like this. Reminded me of my childhood! Lovely post :)


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