Saturday, 18 July 2015

Lindy NC-40 Noise Canceling Headphones Review

First of here's about more about Lindy as a company:

The Lindy group can trace its origins back to a small apartment in the town of Breslau,Germany in 1932,there the company founder Kurt Lindenberg set up a small family business selling petrol lamps and early electrical appliances,During the war the business was shut down however after moving to Mannheim it was restarted,in 1949 Kurt's son Klaus joined the company,business grew over the years(please read up the Lindy history for further information......

Lindy UK was formed in 1987 by Gerry Casey and Klaus Lindenberg.

I was recently lucky enough to be sent a pair of Lindy Noise Canceling Headphones to test and review.

  • £39.98
  • 16db active noise and high output 40mm drivers
  • comes with a carry bag,in flight adapter,1.2m cable and 6.3mm stereo adapter
  • 2 years warranty
My thoughts:

I love listening to songs via Youtube I do it every evening without fail...downside...I cave to keep the volume really low so I don't wake up Aaron...with the Lindy headphones I needn't of worried I get really good high quality sounds while being silent to anyone around me. comes in a nice box, I loved how compact they are,I can pop them away when not in use and they take up very little room. 

I will certainly recommend them,sounds great,brilliant to noise canceling,brilliant value for money,very comfy to wear and I am happy to add they are not so bulky on me that it looks comical-which as I have a small head is what normally happens!


  1. These are the perfect size for noise cancelling head phones as, like you said they're not so big that it just looks silly but big enough to do the job. Thanks for the review :) x
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  2. They are smaller than others I've seen which is great. I like that they are budget friendly. Do you know how music sounds that is really well produced and has lots of overlapping layers and a deep base?


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