Friday, 17 July 2015

Nandemobox Review


Nandemobox is a Japanese subscription box based in Osaka,Japan.
You can choose from either a Snacks box like the one I received or a Kawaii box,you can choose from either a monthly box the renews monthly or a 3,6 or 12 month box subscription that are non-recurring.There is awesome and very cute online shop where you can buy an assortment of items such as plush's or a lunch set with chopsticks ect. You can also mix and match to create your own Kawaii bag...very cute!!

Sadly my box arrived a little late but to be honest considering it came from Japan I don't mind not to mention it was totally worth the wait!
All the snacks were packaged well and arrived no problems and oh my goodness they looked so cute and very colourful!!

You can watch my unboxing video via my Youtube channel: Nandemobox unboxing.

Here is what we thought of each snack inside our box:

  1. Chocolate pencils-they tasted like Dark Chocolate,only milder and really nice and creamy
  2. Sealife Gummies-these were sticky and kinda slimey they tasted  like gummy bears only a little bit sweeter
  3. Candy Box-these were the kids favourite-Banana,Apple,Strawberry and Cherry,the banana ones were really nice they tasted like the bananas you get with the shrimp foam sweets.couldn't pin point the taste in regards to them even though they were nice,stawberry and cherry were both very nice,juicy and chewy.
  4. Pucco-this had a strong grapefruit taste,really chewy,a bit tough to start with-not to our personal tastes
  5. Sherbet Pero-This was just like a nice fruity sherbet dip
  6. Lottes Pear-the kids all loved it,we didn't.
  7. Fried Rice crackers-I'm afraid none of us liked these at all which was a shame as they look so good!
  8. Koala Cookies-these were by far my favourite- everyone enjoyed them but I sneaked a few more.
  9. Fruity Popcorn- we loved the popcorn only the grapefruit one we didnt like as it left an after taste but on the whole these were so yummy!

Our two teenagers took some popcorn and cookies and the fried rice crackers to school so their friends could give them a try...their reply: "omg these are so Kawaii....very yummy" one of our daughters friends comes from Japan and she was so happy as she hadn't had any of these snacks or similar for soo long, she said it made her feel homesick....but in a good way.

We loved getting to test out the Nandemobox it was mostly very very lush, so why not go and give Nandemobox a try for wont be disappointed


  1. ooo this is such a cute idea for a box! i ate a lot of those koala cookies whilst growing up. delish!

  2. I love anything Japanese so I will definitely check out your Youtube video! k x

  3. Oh wow! Never heard of anything like this before xx


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