Thursday, 23 July 2015

SpruKits Review

SpruKits from Bandai are a new toy on the UK market and we have been lucky enough to receive a box full of goodies.  we received:

  • Two level 1 SpruKits,we received the original comic  Joker and the new 52 Batman
  • One level 2 SpruKit, We got  Batman The Dark Knight Rises 
  • one level 3 SpruKit,which was the Halo Master Chief.
  • A Bandai USB Stick

Our thoughts:

OMG it arrived and I saw the box and was sooooo excited i was literally bouncing before I even got the kids reaction!
I love how you literally need nothing extra,no cutting/sewing or glue just open up the boxes pull out the pieces,read the very east to follow instruction and get started. our 8 year old managed to snap the pieces off easily enough however myself and my partner put them together to create our master pieces. it took us about 15 minutes to put together the level 1 and 2 SpruKits however the level 3 Halo one took us about an hour,the kids were helping lots with this one.

The boxes themselves each had a very eye catching image on the front showing you how your finished product will look,that's another thing I love as so often the end result can look disappointingly unlike how you perceive it to by pictures....SpruKits however look just as awesome as the picture on the box when you have put them together.

I love how much detail has gone into all of the models,how great and accurate the costumes look,I love the stickers you add for extra detailing,I much prefer the level 2 ones over the level 1 mainly as there's a bit more two them and in particular the fact you could give proper poses,you could even bend the Batman at the knees...I will certainly buy more of the level 2 SpruKits for my son as I feel they are good value for money and he has loved playing with that one more than the level 2's.

level 1 SpruKits cost £8.99
level 2 SpruKits cost £15.99

On to the level 3 Halo Master Chief.-my personal favorite!

The Halo Sprukit comes with a staggering 161 pieces,priced at £49.99, ...but don't let that daunt you, it may of taken a fair bit of time but the end result was absolutely fantastic! It was by far in my opinion the best of the lot totally worth the money we have put it up on display and we really want to buy some more purely to go on display as this one is just so good! I think pictures speak a thousand words.

We all love the SpruKits and will be buying more from the range why not buy some too, go follow Bandai now to keep up with SpruKit news and other new products hitting the market.

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