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momma review

momma by lanisinoh

Discovery through design:
the momma philosophy

momma is a beautifully designed developmental line of baby products from Italy.
They thoughtfully combine shape,style,movement and colour to transform each moment of your baby's mealtime into one of growth,learning and fun.

 I  have been very kindly sent a range of momma products to test and review with my 11 month and 2 1/2 year old children.
As a parent im always looking for ways to make mealtimes easier it is one of my goals as a parent.

Rocking fork and the Rocking spoon

  • Rocks
  • Extendable handle
  • Protective cover
  • 8 months+ for the fork and 6months+ for the spoon
Round egonomic shape for easy grip.
Rocking movement entertains and stimulates baby's learning.
Rounded tips are perfect baby's delicate gums.
It is hygienic as the fork tips never touch surfaces.

My thoughts:
I love how easy they were for my son to grab,the first spoon and fork set he has been able to get a good grip off if im honest they just seemed to be ideally shaped for a young baby's hand.
I love the rocking motion which prevents the spoon/fork touching any surfaces which is great and means there is little chance of any germs being picked up and transferred to my sons son also found it fun to hit them and watch them wobble :)

Warm plate
  • 0% BPA
  • Sitable for 6months+
  • Water chamber to help keep food warm
  • partitioned for taste differation
  • non slip base
My thoughts:

I love the sleek style and the size its nice and deep perfect for dinners or even my 11 month olds pureed food .
nice and easy to clean with no staining from sauces to the plate materials.
Also worked well for my 2 year old at dinner times as was large enough to hold all of her food.after placing a little hot water into the base of the warm plate via the valve i noticed that towards the end of my daughters meal her food was still nice and warm(15 minutes on).
I did however find it tricky to open the valve up i had to use a knife to gently pop in to break the seal-however this is hardly an issue as at least it brings peace of mind that the hot contents will be contained.

Non spill cup
  • Rocks
  • Non-spill
  • Suitable for 6months+
  • 250ml
  • Soft silicone spout
  • perfect fit for a baby's small hands.

Designed with the latest spill proof technology,it delivers the liquid only when a baby sucks.
Very hygienic as the spout never touches any surfaces.

My thoughts:

i have always loved non spill cups as always got sick of scrubbing stains out of my sofa and carpets so love this feature.what i look for when buying a cup is these 3 things:

  1. good eye catching design
  2. a nice decent size
  3. a teat suitable for my childs age in this case one that is soft perfect for a teething baby
And i must say with the momma range they tick all of my boxes,i love the bright vibrant green colour and as with the spoon and fork  i Love the rounded shape which gives it a lovely rocking motion which not only entertains my son but always keeps the product hygienic and clean as they never touch any dirty surfaces.

i also love that the  teat is really soft which i liked and i knew it would be gentle on my sons tender gums.
My son seemed to like this cup which is a first as usually he struggles to take to anything other than a bottle and one of cup,i think its just the softness it reminds him of a teat even though its a differant shape.
The only thing i do wish it had was a set of handles momma does have cups with handles but unfortunatly this was not one of them but i wish it was as my son can hold his own bottle but tends to lose grip and drop them but with handles he would have a better grip while drinking.

  • Non-slip
  • Protection for surfaces
  • Space saving
  • Suitable for 4months+
  • Grows with your baby
The momma placemat is a must during busy mealtimes.nice and stable,giving protection to dinner table while a safe non slip place to put your momma plate,bowel,fork or spoon.

My thoughts:

Nice and slim great colour and very good at keeping the bowel/plate in place without slipping or sliding, the table directly under  my 2 year olds plate stayed nice and clean,around the mat was dirty though and as such i do wish it had been just a little bit larger.

My overall oppinion:

great eye catching designs, very clever styles, love the rocking motions and the deep plate
i will be looking towards getting some more products from their range my 4 year old wants a warm bowl like his younger brother and sister for dinner times so i think i may need to get to more to avoid any arguements.

Why not pop over to view the complete momma range on Amazon

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