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Annabel's Kitchen my first cookbook.review

Annabel Karmel is a busy mum of 3,she has written 22 bestselling books including the new complete baby and toddlers meal planner.

With the help of the penguins jimmy and pearl and their friends,Annabel shows you how to cook simple but delicious dishes in a fun and easy way.
RRP: £12.99.

I have been sent  for myself and my kids to test and review  the Annabel's Kitchen My first cookbook 

My thoughts:

This had a very eyecatching cover my kids even my 11 year old couldnt wait to get started.
Inside was a very bold and colourful contents and introduction page.
I loved how it was laid out so well, i found it really easily to refer back to in which to  find the pages with the recipes i was looking for on.
My 4 year old loved all of the pictures with Jimmy and Pearl on, clearly they put the fun factor into cooking for him.

Now anyone that knows me well will know i cant cook or  bake for the life of me so as much as i try i tend to get lost when following recipies and as a result they pretty much always go wrong!
However i found each recipi in this book   was very clearly presented,highlighting what you will need and easy to follow step by step guidelines on what to do and how, i also loved the pictures not only do they make them all look soo yummy that you want to do them all they also help as give you a guideline as to how it should look like,i especially love the picture above the what you need bit as sometimes you think what on earth is that! when you have never heard of something but at least thi way you know what you are buying so you know you are choosing the right item for example i had no idea what Tagliatelle was(no joking) but by looking at the picture i could see it looked like pasta so i knew where to go to buy it.

We started off by making the Jimmy's fish pie,im not a big seafood fan but i want to try to give my kidsa wide range so seemed a good place to start.
I followed everything said however i must say i think i bite off more than i could chew for my first attempt i didnt prepare anything i tried to do it all as i went and as a result everything started to go wrong, i had no idea how to skin the cod so it ended up looking hacked, i burnt the potatos in the pan by it sticking to the bottom i wont go on but there was loads,needless to say the kids wouldnt touch it!.

So a few days later i got up the courage to try again,this time myself and my 4 year old made some oink oink sandwich's

Now this one was much easier for me to follow and  do plus easier to prepare for  now i did do a couple of changes like honesy roast ham and soft cheese slices(purely as my kids wont eat any other variation) and if im honest for a first timer i dont think i did too bad :)

We now plan to make some Breakfast pancakes and some yummy Nachos for nibbling to eat while watching a dvd.

My overall thoughts:

This is one must have recipe books you just have to buy there is just soo much choice of things to make,there is something for every budget.
The kids will just love creating master piece dishes to gobble all up.

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