Sunday, 20 May 2012

Aarons first year

As Aaron celebrated his first birthday on wednesday i have decided to look back on how far he has come and share a little insight of his life so far.

Aaron was born on the 16th may 2011,he was 3 days late i was worried about lack of  movements so went to see my midwife she said heartbeat seemed fine but a little hard to find at first so sent me it to get a heart beat trace done from it they were worried as they found his heart rate kept dipping so decided to induce me straight away,10 minutes later my waters had been broken.then i was taken into a smaller room to have an iv drip put in to start labour and incase i needed a blood transfusion with it being my 5th baby this was when the fun really started- i have always had really thin thready veins that tend to jump as a result of this it took 4 hours- 7 attempts at putting a needle in ,3 midwifes and a doctor tried in the end had to be done by the anesthesiologist lol.
But finally it was in 5 mins later got my first strong contraction(labour had officially started)
2nd contraction was really painful so had gas and air then got thick and fast and unbearable needless to say 30 mins after first contraction i gave birth to Aaron!!.
He was my quickest birth yet weighing a good 8lbs.

Since his birth:

He was breastfed for several months but had some trouble latching on and also suffered from alot of reflux.he was a great sleeper was sleeping through from 3 months old he also smiled and laughed early.
Since then  we moved him onto solids unfortunatly he is still at 12 months on 4 month old food we have tried everything-homemade purees with a little texture,mashed food,jars with lumps,even finger food like bread and cakes ect but all he does is gag he just wont have anything other than 4 month old steamed dinners-wont even have that stage in jars,breakie and pudding hes fine with but again will only have that age group.he has since just got his first 2 bottom teeth through and hope this will help with his eating and he has also been referred to see someone else to help with his eating so fingers crossed he will pick up as he is tiny for his age and im sure this is not helping with the other skills he has yet to learn.

 at 9 months he was diagnosed with lax ligaments like his 4 year old brother who is autistic,he still cant sit unaided,stand,crawl, he can roll onto his belly but gets stuck and cant roll back again.

We are currently awaiting his 1 year checkup as to be honest there is only a few things from the checklist that he can do which is pretty worrying.
Our biggest fear at the moment is that he is autistic like his brother we really hope not but as you can imagine its really hard not to think it with everything going on.

On a brighter note he is a very happy,smiling little boy also full of giggles and is so laid back you couldnt ask for a chippier little boy, so fingers crossed with help he will soon catch up with his peers :)

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