Monday, 14 May 2012

Earth friendly kids review

New natural body care for kids
The special little friends who had previously used the Earth Friendly Baby Products when they were younger really wanted their own range and here it is with the Earth Friendly Kids range of natural body washes,bubble baths, hand washes,lotions and wipes.

I have been sent 4 products from the Earth friendly kids range to test and review
Included were the:

  • Zingy Citrus Shampoo and Bodywash 250ml £3.99
  • Zingy Citrus Bubble Bath 250ml £3.99
  • Zingy Citrus Handwash 250ml £3.99
  • Zingy Citrus Body Lotion 250ml £4.99

First up the Bubble bath:

loved the smell poured a little bit into the running water and mixed,to be honest i love how you dont need to add much,i was a bit disappointed though as unlike the Earth Friendly Baby range it didnt produce very many bubbles which i like and so do my 4 and 2 year old who buy time of getting in said bubbles all gone as they practicaly were by this point which was a shame as they love to play with them.My 4 year old also said me want pwetty colour(he tends to pick ones that change the water colour-hence making it more fun at bath times).

Shampoo and Body wash:

Created a good lather,son and daughters skin was left  soft and smooth,hair was also very silky and soft feeling-very managable when brushing hair directly after the bath.

Body Lotion

Just like the Earth Friendly Baby one i love it,my sons normally very dry rough skin has been left so much smoother as a result of using this product,easily absorbs into the body with no sticky residue,i myself have started using it too as i suffer from dry skin.

Hand wash 

easy to use dispenser,provides just the right amount needed with 1 how it creates just the right amount without causing lots of mess like some that are too foamy do.our hands were not only left really clean but also very soft.

All in all i love these products, they smell great,leave you feeling soft and smooth all over and are very good sizes.
we will be buying the handwash,lotion and shampoo/body wash again not the bubble bath though but only as kids were not taken and  i love more bubbles :)

Why not pop over to Earth Friendly kids and see what they stock for yourself
You can buy from selected Waitrose stores and other wellbeing outlets.
You can also follow them on Facebook

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