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Earth friendly baby review

I would love to find a great range of bath/baby products that are good for dry/sensitive skin without any of the side effects that result from some products you can buy on the market.
My 11 month old suffers from a little bit of exzema on his face and elbows and what we currently use although it is a good brand seems to somehow flare his skin up especially after bathtimes.
and then anllong came Earth friendly baby

The purpose of Earth friendly baby is to creaye high quiality,natural products that are healthy for babies and the planet at a affordable price.

Because all of their products are natural they have ingrediants that are plant-derived where possible and also biodegradable.
They do not use aetificial colouring or synthetic fragrences,or any parabens or sodium lauryl/laureth sulphate.

The products i received to test and review are the:

  • organic calendula daily care cream 4 oz  
  • organic lavender baby lotion 250ml
  • organic lavender bubble bath
  • relaxing organic lavender  shampoo and wash.
First up the organic calendula daily care cream

Specially developed to gently moisterize and act as a barrier to protect delicate skin against wetness.
it has both botanical and essential oil extracts of calendula with a vegetable oil base and natural beeswax.

I used this and was good for the first 4 days then had to stop,there was nothing wrong with the product in fact it protected both my youngests bums and they had no soreness or rashes as a result the only reason i stopped was because my little ones nappies started to leak and as such mean lots more washes(i use cloth nappies) si presume this was from a build up of cream in the material so i had to do a strip wash to get them  nappies back to normal. I left a couple of days then started again using one day on one day off.

Organic Lavender Bubblebath

great for little ones,lovely refreshing scents, rich foam and great cleaning all at the same time.
a little goes a long way.

I have used this every night since receiving and i do really like it,just pop a little bit into warm running water,swirl around with hand till desired temperature and you are ready to go.
I love the smell its just soo created lots of bubbles for my son to play with in the tub. left my sons skin feeling really soft after his bath.

Relaxing lavender shampoo and bodywash

Bath time has never been simpler with these lovely,all in one body cleansers.
They have been specially created to gently cleanse your baby's hair and skin without leaving behind residue.

My thoughts:

This was lovely to the touch,very smooth feeling left on the skin.i loved how it was a body wash/shampoo combined,anything that makes the daily life of being a mum easier is good in my eyes also saves room in the cupboard from having less bottles and more money saved from buying more than 1 different products.

Relaxing Lavender Body lotion

Ideal to use all over  our baby's body.
 included in the lotions are are moisterizing Shea butter together with lots of vitamins to make these extra special products.

My thoughts:

I love the Body lotion,i think it is actually my favorite out of all of the products i put it on my 11 month old who suffers a bit of eczema on his face and elbows,i have found with using this 2 daily in morning and following evening bath that my sons skin is so much softer and around his eczema areas they are not so rough,have actually look wise calmed down in appearance,my son himself is not scratching as much either.

I still have lots left of my products but plan to re buy again once needed especially the Body lotion-which i highly recommend.

Why not check Earth Friendly Baby's website out to see their full range of products
Also you can find Earth Friendly Baby on facebook
You can also buy them from:
  • Selected waitrose's
  • John Lewis
  • Sainsbury's
  • boots
To name a few.

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