Tuesday, 23 August 2011

my style craft,clay bead jewellery,part 2

my daughters aged 10 and 11 both started by doing project 1,to be honest after 1 quick glance at the pages we managed to get started as it had very easy to read instructions and diagrams.this is the 1st create your own anything let alone jewellery(which they are obsessed with atm)that they have ever done and so they were really excited to be doing it.
whilst project 1 was baking they started on project 4.....yes 4!!,they insisted on moving up as they just adore necklaces lol.they done everything themself only really needing guidance here and there such as cutting right sizes for the cords.as you can c they loved it....
my girls had a blast making these,fantastic  way to spend a rainy day.bear in mind this took us over 2 hours to do so make sure you have the time would be a shame to have to up and leave as this is a fab product!!.

heres my girls with thier finished products

my 2 both say they are ace mum! and have put them down on thier xmas list to do some more.
so absolutely a hit with them.
you can buy my style craft from argos and amazon from between £10-£15 pounds and trust me its worth every penny.the only gripe i had was coming with just 4 toothpicks when u make roughly 7 balls however this wont be a problem for most just i didnt have any more at home lol.

from me and my kids we have given this product a 10/10

to get more info from this excellent range or to buy please visit   my style craft

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  1. What happy faces and a good idea for a rainy day ! x


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