Monday, 29 August 2011

design a sock monkey

my kids are always complaining their bored  and so my bf brought each of them a make your own sock monkey.
it came with everything you need so no need to go out to buy anything extra.we had extra buttons that i collect from old clothing for occasions like this,they used some of these to put their own stamp on their monkeys.
my daughters and partner then went on to look at their very easy user Manuel .within minutes they got started.

my partner done the stitching as the thread was very thick and kept getting knotted up.....the only real downside to this product :(
my daughters done the filling eyes and finishing touches.

all in all my daughters loved making these as they do with most creative stuff,they took over 2 hours to do though so about an hour each which is not too bad just a while if doing more than one so bear this in mind lol.
i brought this from hawkins bazzar for £6.00 each and they were deffo worth the money

my girls with their finished sock monkeys


  1. These look like a great idea for stocking fillers-Like you,I also have 5 children-aged 11,8,4,2 and 8 months-similar ages.I'm starting to think about Christmas already as last year I was so disorganised-my youngest was born on Christmas Eve and I had to stay in overnight.

  2. i know its such hard work esp at xmas getting everything planned lol i have no idea what to do norm start by now but after just moving not alot of money atm lol

  3. aww these look ace! My daughter would adore this . Im going to go on the search for these ASAP!

  4. well done to both of them! Might need an extra pair of hands before christmas (or two)haha!
    Karolina - sockabuybaby


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