Sunday, 21 August 2011

koeka venice baby towel

free to review by mummy news
 i didnt get paid to review it but i did however get to keep it for free :) heres what i thought:

I reviewed the bath towel on my 6 week old son and we've currently been using it for about 2 weeks. It arrived in a big strong manilla envelope, the towel itself was in a plastic packaged bag it was in great condition and as such the packaging did it's job and protected the product marvellously!!
When I pulled the towel out I was amazed by how soft it was just right for a young baby's delicate skin. The colour and design was great and I couldnt wait to use it.
That night I tried it for the very 1st time. Whilst my partner washed my son I laid it out ready to use, I did look at the instruction sheet (great if your a 1st time mum), however being my 5th it was extremly easy to figure out as I had used the ones with the hood and so before the rest was easy to figure. I laid my son on it (he was screaming at this point as although he loves his bathes he hates getting out and getting cold!) Covered his head, toweled him down put his nappy on then tucked in his feet and wrapped him up. I have to say normally he moans and wriggles till he is dressed however with this towel he seemed content to be snuggled so much so I gave him his breastfeed whilststill wrapped in it. By the end he was asleep whilst I got him dressed and apart from 2 occasions it has been that way every time... he obviously loves it.
The positives about this product:
  • Gorgeous colour
  • Great looking
  • So very soft
The negatives:
  • The only thing I found was the head cover part was a little on the small side (it fit but slipped off frequently).
Overall I absolutely love this product, I am washing and using it daily... it is fab!!
I have already told some mummy friends who have said they are going to check into them and as for me ive been looking at their site to what else they sell!!
A fabulous 9/10 from us!
 it sells for £19.95 
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