Tuesday, 23 August 2011

my style craft review

my style craft,clay bead jewellery.part 1.

this product is from a new range for teen and tween girls called my style craft.  what they say:  these fresh,funky and fashionable craft kits are a great activity for weekends or holidays  and help develop design skills.more importantly they give style-conscious girls the chance to make jewellery they will actually wear!!.

i received the my style craft craft,clay bead jewellery gift set free to review .i didnt get paid to do it but did however get to keep the product for free.heres what i thought:

my review arrived in a bubble wrapped manilla envelope...i love this form of mailing as i have found it protects the products better.on removal  the first thing that caught my eye was the bold vibrant colours and design on the box before id even had a chance to open the box my 2 girls who helped me to review were raring to get started!!.i opened the box and removed the contents,inside was some info on the product and a users manuel.
the pieces came in 2 seperate boxes the clay in 1 and the beads,string and attachments in another.i thought this as a fantastic idea as even when you have used this all up you can still use the boxes to safely keep the finished articals in.

the contens of the boxes were as follows:

5 pieces of polymer clay
7 different colours of seed beads
30 jumprings
4 clasps
8 cord ends(clamshell clasps)
6 ear wires
2m x 26 of gauge wire
2m of plastic stretch cord
2m of black cord
4 toothpicks

open opening the user manual it had a lovely introduction on what you can make and do and if you follow the book 1 stage at the time you can understand more about the skills required for each task.
it also explains how to colour mix and how to get marbled effects.
It then goes on to tell you how to condition and soften the clay ready for use.baking temperature and length of  time to bake for,in this instance it was for about 15 mins at 130oc. 

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