Saturday, 22 February 2014


Chillipeeps Teat, the multi award winning Chillipeeps teat is a vari-flow teat that attaches to ready made cartons and Evian and  Volvic water bottles,perfect for when out and about with baby.

Vari-flow= obtains slow,medium and fast flow rates within the teat suitable for 3+ months.
can be sterilized in solution or a steam sterilizer it is also dishwasher safe.

BPA free,Conforms to BS EN 14350


I liked how it comes in a small plastic case great for keeping the teat clean and carrying around while on the go,very easy to use once you read the instructions just pierce into milk carton and screw till secure then stop.test it is full shut by gently tipping it should fill the teat with milk without leaking out from any gaps. so easy from buying the milk my son was drinking within 2 minutes.very pleased and impressed with how easy it was to not only use but also clean since receiving the Chillipeep i have gone and brought two more as spares.
if you use carton milk for your baby when out then i highly recommend it. also great with water especially on hot summers day :)
 you can buy from Asda at £4.95

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