Saturday, 1 February 2014 Review

Bunches a family run business since 1989,they pick only the freshest flowers from all around the world!

Do you have a special someone with a Spring birthday? or are you struggling to think of a Easter gift and dont want to give out the normal chocolate egg treats? Then why not give them a truly delightful Spring bouquet instead!

I was recently offered and sent a gorgeous bouquet to review from

The flowers were delivered by a very polite delivery guy in a wonderfully eye catching box,i was soo excited and couldn't wait to open and see the contents. i opened the box i was stunned by the beauty of the flowers i could see..

I received the Spring Charm  bouquet which is new on their website at £22.99(including delivery)

A gorgeous bright yellow Germini is surrounded by pretty purple Tulips and beautiful golden yellow Roses,complemented with delicate purple Phlox,bold purple Carnations and white Euro Chrysanthemums to create a charming bouquet perfect for someone special this springtime.

Order online and you get free chocolate with this bouquet too!

It also came with a little message placed at the top of the box so you couldn't miss it
Now if you buy these do remember you will also receive a yummy box of chocolates i'm tempted to buy more just to get to sample them! ;)

I love how it came with some background  information on the company itself and also some tips on how best to take care of your flowers which is a great idea.

Overall i love Bunches a great and friendly company with lots of stunning bouquet choices to be found on their website,you are sure to find something to suit for everyone's tastes and budget' other big plus is i am now on day 6 and only one flower has started to wilt!!

Bunches get a big 10/10 for me

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