Saturday, 16 March 2013

Red nose day fun

our Fun started with me being invited round to my friend jess's....she is totally bonkers btw....she decided to help out with sum cakes for the cake sale at school and only went and done over 100 of them didn't she!! lol.

i was roped into helping with a few... after saying she had to wear a red nose during god did the ready made icing smell bleaugh .....not to mention look like an afterbirth once the red dye was put in(a little bit not the whole bottle as i suggested :S....u can probably tell im no cook ) lol

it was great fun though....

Later that night i done my own chocolate rice krispy cakes....and this time the chocolate didnt taste smokey...or explode in the microwave!...(done old fashioned way over the stove)

Red nose day brought masses of red hair...i was literally the only mum in school with bright red hair...and in town no1 had a red nose let alone red hair lol.....Crazy Yes but thats ME for you.... :P

Also done a crazy picture collage upon my friend viccy's request including my bad impression of my precious(LOTR)....

RED NOSE DAY WE LOVE IT........hope u all had fun too :)

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my mini Superhero's

my mini Superhero's