Friday, 8 March 2013

Interview with Cosplay girl Victoria

I have been very lucky to get the privilege to interview the very stunning and awesome Victoria(100% Geek,Professional model and Cosplayer)

Victoria resides in Philadelphia,Pennsylvania.

                The huntress, picture taken by Red Dalmation

Besides cosplaying Victoria is into meditation,modeling,writing,harry potter and ancient egyptian history amoung many other things.
A really nice and friendly lady who will always take the time out of her busy schedule for her adoring fans and i am honoured that she is my 1st Coplayer i have done a interview with! :D

To start us off here are a few quick questions to answer a couple of Victoria's favourite things:

  1. Book or Comic? (Victoria)  Catwoman is my favourite comic book.I love novels by Michelle Moran.She wrote Nefertiti,The Heretic Queen and Cleopatra's Daughter which are my favourite books.
  2. Film?  (Victoria)  Beauty and the Beast
  3. Cosplay character?   (Victoria)  My answer always changes.Currently its Huntress.
  4. Superhero/Villain?    (Victoria) Wonder Woman is my favourite hero.Not sure who my favourite Villain is.
  5. If you could have any SuperPower which would you choose? (Victoria) I'd love to teleport.It would save so much travel time!
  6. Favourite website? (Victoria)  Facebook because i can connect and talk to all my friends there.

And now for the biggie' ready folks!?......

(Me)  Ok i know you started Cosplaying in 2006,what got you into Cosplaying and what was your 1st Cosplay and Convention?

(Victoria) I was inspired by seeing amazing pictures of Cosplayers on the web.It looked like fun and i wanted to try it for myself.Once i did i was hooked! I've been a comic nerd since my childhood and i was going to conventions for about 4 years before i started cosplaying.My 1st convention was Wizard World Philadelphia.

(Me)  What came 1st Modeling or Cosplay?  

(Victoria)  Cosplay came 1st.I sort of fell into modeling. A photographer spotted me at a Ren Faire and offered to pay me to take both Cosplay and Modeling photos of me. I've been modeling ever since.

(Me) At what age did you start Modeling?and who have you Modeled for?

(Victoria) I began modeling professionally at 28.I have been featured in Latina Magazine and Entertainment Weekly.I've worked for companies such as Gentle Giant Studios and Super Hero Stuff and have done camera work for a local radio station. I've been hired for photo shoots and have posted for artists for sketch sessions. I played Supergirl in a Fan Film. Most recently, Disney Artist Terry Naughton painted me.The list goes on....

(Me) Do you go by any names in the Cosplay world and if you do what are they and which do you most commonly go by?

(Victoria) Victoria is my real name and that's what people call me.

(Me) How old are you? ;)  

(Victoria) I'm in my 30's. I'll leave it at that.LOL

(Me) LOL

(Me) Do you make any of your own costumes?

(Victoria) I have altered pre packaged costumes.I made the shoes for my recent Poisn Ivy costume. I have also painted weapons. I am starting to create my own things more and more. I planon making the New 52 Wonder Woman. It will be the first time i make an entire costume on my own.

(Me) How do you define the word Geek(in your opinion)? 

(Victoria) A geek is someone who loves geek things in the categories of sci-fi,comics,role playing,video games,fan fiction,anime ect. Someone who is truly passionate about those things and invests time and money in them.

(Me) Are you also a gamer chick? if so what is your favourite game and why?

(Victoria) I don't play video games as nuch as i used to. I played non stop as a teenager. I do play games from time to time.Right now i am playing the new Tomb Raider game and i love it. Aside from Tomb Raider,I love Kingdom Hearts and the game Journey.

And unfortunatly we have come to our last Question.....

(Me) What is your favourite Model and Cosplay pictures/roles?

(Victoria) Huntress (see picture at top of blog post),Wonder Woman and Belle.

             Wonder Woman,picture taken by Brian Green

                         Belle,picture taken by Piera

I would like to say a massive thank you to Victoria for her time out to take this interview,keep up the awesome work girl!.

To check out  and follow Victoria you can visit her facebook page Cosplay girl Victoria

Go and see her website Victoria Cosplay

Check out her blog Confessions of a Cosplay girl 

Or tweet her at @VictoriaCosplay


  1. I have yet to cosplay, but I am working on it for next year! Her cosplays are amazing though :O

  2. I've never done cosplay but i would totally wear all those! lol. That's really cool :)

  3. Great interview and I love the costumes. I've always liked playing dress up as a kid and this is the next best thing in adult world.

  4. She really does make a wonderful superhero model!

  5. i love her belle but i have to admit the superhero and villians are always more effective for me to enjoy looking at, they always look so full of art and inspiration x


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