Sunday, 10 March 2013

Happy mothers day!!

I hope all you lovely mummies have been spoilt rotten today......i know i have it sarted saturday for me with a take away of my fave....margerita pizza n sides, a bar of choccy and a big bottle of smirnoff ice ....yes i got a lil tipsy n sent sum wierd n random messages sorry about that! lol

Then i awoke to breakfast in bed and a array of gorgeous gifts from my 5 lovely kiddie winks

A little bit later i had a suprise knock at the door it was a delivery guy with 3 big ballons a gorgeous basket with flowers inside and a box of choccys WOW...i couldnt believe it......... and the suprises didnt stop there i got a 60's cd i had been dying for  and i've been told im getting the twilight boxset!! woohoo...not out till monday which is why i gotta wait :D....

Also the bf cooked me a scrummy dinner....i havent had to tidy anything all day and  so i sat with the kiddies n watched space jam featuring Tweety!!...Scooby Doo which i watching Tomb Raider and got beethoven 2 recorded hehe....... ive had an awesome day(weekend).......

With much love to all you yummy mummy's out there...



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my mini Superhero's