Saturday, 30 March 2013

Eragon Review

Eragon by Paolini

one boy

one dragon

a world of adventure

I was sent Eragon as a gift from my awesome friend jay..Thank you are my thoughts:

Eragon is the 1st book in the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini,who began writing at the age of 15.

Ok i will start by saying im a romance kinda book girl through in through gimmie anything lovey or comical any day of the week be it a good mills n boon or bridget jones diary....

The story which inspiration wise seems to be rooted in J.R.R. Tolien's famously popular Lord of the Rings trilogy which takes readers back to a time and land long forgotten,filled with magic,mystery,elves,warriors.shades and dragons.

He thinks its a polished blue stone however he wont think so for long as ready or not he is about to have his destiny thrust upon him.

I totally loved this book full of dragons and dragon riders,elves dwarfs,and magic and adventure in abundance! i loved the characters and the thought put into each one my fave by far being Saphira now i loved the film version of Eragon however it pains me to say it but i will..... this totally wipes the floor of the film! it is just so in depth  also it has much more as far as characters go such as the tension between Eragon and Arya.... bloody brilliant...Awesome read... i Certainly recommend reading if you haven't already,and as for me im going to be looking into getting some more adventure books to mix in with my rom,com collection.



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