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Me finder review

                              Me Finder review

                   A bit more about show and tell:

       Fun,simple,easy to understand methods that change kids(& parents!) behavior.
       They come in 3 different designs, "Miss pink",Green Techno and Monkey
        They all retail for £14.99 each.
        Suitable for ages 3+

                        Places you can use the Me Finder:

                                     Days out
                                    The beach
                                    The pool
                                    Shopping ect ect.

             You can store upto 5 phone numbers.. mummy,daddy,nanny ect.
        Just switch to whichever one you need depending on who the child will be with.

      I received to test and review the Me Finder from the lovely people over at SHOW&TELL.
                   I received the Green techno and Monkey designs for my son and daughter.
The first thing i loved about these other than the look and style was the fact it actually looks              just like a watch yet is safe for your child to mess around with without being able to change anything.
It was soo easy to set up to use i watched the you tube video showing you how to get it ready....straight away i manged to get it all done and ready to use.
Its water resistant which is fantastic especially for toilet visits when my son in particular makes alot of mess with the water!!.
it is light weight which is fantastic for little children as they often dont want to carry/wear anything bulky or heavy.It also has a child proof saftey catch which is a really good idea.Now my son will wear the Me Finder around the home however for some reason he will not allow me to put it on him when going school ect.He will however let me attach it to his day sack which he wears at all times to prevent his sudden dashes into busy roads.And he loved showing it on his bag when we met his auntie in town this week :)

With my son(4) being autistic he tends to run off alot especially around town centres,The Me Finder offers me peace of mind,knowing if anyone sees him even though he cant speak he tends to point to his Me Finder on his bag ans so they will then be able to get my number to call me.
In fact he ran off at school first day of wearing this luckily my friend spotted him she called me and    when i arrived proceeded to tell me how he kept pointing to his Me Finder this was when she spotted my name and number and said what a great idea it was and asked me for site name it came from so she could check them out herself :)

Both of my children love the Me Finder they cant get enough of looking at it and playing with the buttons.

All in all this is a must have product in my view very decently priced... Their was only 2 problems i had with the Me Finder and neither is anything of concern to be honest...

The 1st was i found attaching it to my wriggly children because of the small slots(designed so kids cant get off)which is fab however this issue would not put me off buying it!.

The 2nd is that my daughter did manage to wriggle it off her wrist on the smallest setting(and this is by no means criticism) shes 2 in a weeks time and as the product clearly states its for 3 years unless you have a bigger sized 2 year old bear this in mind before buying.My son however did not have this problem at all.

I will absolutely recommend the Me Finder to friends!!.

For more info or to buy go toSHOW AND TELL


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