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dry like me review

                         Dry like me review.

I was sent over a pack of Dry like me Toilet training pads to test and review by the lovely people at drylikeme.

              A bit more information:

Dry like me toilet training pads was created by 2 mums who experianced the stress of toilet training,
Dry like me are disposable toilet training pads that fit into a childs normal underwear.
They are designed to capture small accidents and help children and parents manage the stress and mess of toilet training.
They are small and very discreet for older children who have accidents or just to help give confidance to kids when starting nursery or school as they help give them extra confidence and protection.

Dry like me pads have been specially designed for children,with the best shape,size and structure to catch both liquids and solids,They are also designed to be comfortable to wear and use.Independant research* have found them an effective toilet training tool,and in trials they reduced the number of accidents children had by up to 43%within 1 week.They gave parents and children confidence to go out and about while toilet training and reduced stress.The research also found that children loved wearing their own 'big boy' or 'big girl' pants.

Dry like me have just won awards from practical parenting magazine,practical pre-school magazine and the babyworld website.They are also endorsed by the childrens charity,ERIC.

you can buy these from supermarkets like Asda,Morrisons,Sainsburys and Wilkinsons.They cost around £3.49 for a pack of 18.

What i thought:

I received a pack of dry like me toilet training pads through the post.They came in a manila envelope as you can see from the pic the packaging was falling apart(not dry like me's fault though)i saw my postie trying like mad to get it in my letter box!!   what he was thinking when the packages was over double the size i do not know.But anyway if not for that they would of been absolutely fine :).

Upon removing a pad from the box i was surprised by how slim it was.i was expecting something bulky similar to a nappy only smaller!.

So these really surprised me i loved the shape to them too.
It also came with easy read instructions too,and in case you lose these it shows you how to use on the back of the pad.

Now my son is 4 so i doubled these up by simply peeling off the sticky paper covering the pad and pressed firmly into his pants with the widest part facing both in front and behind with edges meeting and slightly overlapping.(i done this to try at night time.

The results he didn't wake in the night which is normal for him(if we wake him he never goes back to sleep so for us this is not an option).day 1 and 2 he only had a lil pee and the pads caught and absorbed it wonderfully keeping him dry.however day 3 he went more than once and did a poo so  by morning he was covered(it does on packaging state it cant hold full wees or poos just gives added protection and time to get to the toilet t change i just tried this out for good measure :).

During the daytime he does not need to use these he does however when out and about as gives me at most 2 minutes warning and as we arrive at the toilet hes started going however we make it to finish while the pads caught the beginning brilliantly resulting in dry clothes which for us is a fantastic result.

I love the dry nights and will continue using for as long as needed and will recommend to friends going through similer issues :)

To check more info on dry like me  click here

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