Sunday, 2 October 2011

Dotto and roll for gold review

Review of Tactic's Dotto and Roll for gold.

I was given the chance by Blog-match to review 2 games byTactic .
My 2 daughters aged 10 and 12 helped by joining me to play and review these games.
Here's what we thought:

First we reviewed Dotto:

Contents included:

Game board
55 patterned cards
10 dice
15 tokens plus a spare
random timer(this requires 2x AA batteries,which are not included).
a piece of double sided tape.
suitable for 6 years plus

The idea of the game:
The aim of Dotto is to arrange groups of dice in a given pattern as fast as possible,so that the timer does not stop while its your turn.the fastest player wins the game.

Our thoughts on this game:

Ok well the idea of the game is simple and we really looked forward to playing as we love games however im sorry to say  this game wont be included in our list of favorites.we found it tricky at times often running out of time before we could even sort the right colours to match the required daughters in particular also got really bored pretty fast which was unusual for them and im afraid to say they didnt want to play another round.even though it was tricky i didn't mind it to pass some time but in future i think i will just play this game with the boyfriend. I also think a 6 year old would really struggle with the speed needed to play this game.

Next up was Roll for gold.


Game board
12 coloured playing dice(2 of each colour)
6 plastic cups for dice
18 small coins(parrot coins worth 1 guinea)
10 big coins(pirate coins worth 5 guineas)
pop o matic with blackbeard dice.
Suitable for 7 years plus.

The idea of the game:
All players fight over blackbeard's gold.The winner is the 1st player to reach 21 in guineas,or more guineas than any other player when blackbeard has lost all of his treasure.

Our thoughts on this game:
We absolutely love this game!! I couldn't understand the instructions clearly at 1st luckily my 12 year old did,she explained all then we set off.
We love all games with a pop-o-matic it reminds us of the good old fashioned frustration.
My daughters have also really got into pirates whether it e films,books,clothing or in this case games :).
we played this game for over 2 hours the first day we played and have played about 4 times since,cant get enough of it!!.

For more information why not visit Tactic
Also if you are a blogger/reviewer why not check out Blog-match
It was soo easy to play and we really got into it

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