Thursday, 5 March 2015

World book day 2015.

As a book loving family we all love World Book Day! I myself was brought up reading books on a daily basis,any book that managed to draw me in so that I felt a part of the story within the first chapter would easily win me over,if I didn't get this feeling I would put the book down without a second thought. I was brought up reading authors including:

  • J.K.Rowling
  • Stephan King
  • Danielle Steel
  • C.S.Lewis
  • Catherine Cookson
  • Nora Roberts
  • Dr.Seuss
  • Roald Dahl
  • Josephine Cox
One of my favorite  was the 2 book series  by Josephine Cox which included: Her fathers Sin's and Let loose the Tigers,I strongly suggest you read these two books and I challenge you not to cry!

Here are my 3 munchkins all dressed up in their World Book Day Costumes:

We was lucky to be sent their costumes by Talented Talkers who is working with George at Asda to help promote World Book Day.

We was sent:

  • A Spiderman Costume RRP £12.50,aged 7-8 my son Ethan was really excited to receive his costume as several months ago he outgrew his one which was aged 5-6,he loved how this one had a special light up panel and kept setting it off. It fit him perfectly in the length I found it was a little big around his chest but that's only because my son is tiny.The only thing my son would't do is wear the mask with my son being autistic one of the things he hates is things over his face like masks.
  • My daughter Alisha received the Disney Queen of Hearts Costume aged 5-6,she loves her dress,how big and floaty it is,she even enjoyed playing the evil Queen and pulling faces for the camera.this costume came with a free crown headband and wand. Alisha also had a Spidergirl Costume that we brought for her from the George at Asda range, RRP £12.50 which came with a free mask,she wore the Spidergirl Costume to school as we found that she would occasionally trip while walking in her Queen of Hearts Costume due to the length,then she came home and changed before going to school in pyjamas for bedtime reading in her classroom.Alisha loved both her outfits,we actually had some sulking too as we had to explain why it cant be World Book Day everyday!
  • Last but not least we received for our son Aaron a Disney White Rabbit Costume RRP £10.00,A lovely and soft all in one costume with built in rabbit head style hood and waistcoat, I loved this costume my son looked so adorable,even his escort to school kept aah-ing at the look of him in it!
We would love to thank both Talented Talkers and George At Asda for this amazing opportunity to put your great costumes to such good use.

Here are some more pictures for you to look at...

What did you all dress up as for World Book Day?


  1. Aw you're kids look adorable, such great costume ideas! My fave has got to be the queen of hearts one :D

    Olivia xo

  2. oh my goodness that white rabbit costume is adorable


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