Saturday, 7 March 2015

Ella's Kitchen Snacking Range Review.

Ella's Kitchen Snacks Review.

Recently we heard about Ella's Kitchens new snacking son has always loved their range so when we was accepted to try some we couldn't wait!

We received a large box included was:

  • Tomatoes & Basil nibbles
  • Raspberries & Bananas nibbles
  • Raisins & Spelt cookies
  • Oat & Spelt cookies
  • Chicken Casserole pouch
  • Carrots & Lentils mutigrain sticks
  • Thai Curry pouch
  • Cheddar & Leeks multigrain wheels
plus more!

My son loved the nibbles in both flavors and the cookies,he especially loved the Raisin & Spelt cookies he pretty much went through half a bag in one sitting!
I will be honest he didn't take to either of the pouches,I do feel this is more down to the texture though with him having special needs hes really sensitive about smells and textures the Thai curry I think was more down to the smell he literally wouldn't even try it and the Chicken Casserole he had one mouthful but refused any more. The Cheddar & Leek wheels were a massive hit not only with my son but also with his sister and brother too! they even took some nibbles in their packed lunch along with raisins and bread sticks(At their request I shall add)

The Ella's Kitchen was thoroughly enjoyed by all and I will most certainly keep buying my kids favorites whenever we do our weekly shop and even better we won a Stand up for snacks competition so now have a bigger supply of Ella's Kitchen Snacks, Win!

Go grab some now and join in the Ella's Kitchen Snacking Craze!

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