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Visionary Soap Review

Visionary Soap Review in celebration of Fair-Trade week.
First up i would like to apologies for my late post my whole street and a few others in my area did not receive post for nearly a week(darn postal services!) sadly as a result i never managed to get this post up in time after testing/reviewing still had to be put through its paces!.

Fairtrade Fortnight February 24th-March 9th,want to know more then just hit this clickable link.

About Visionary Soap:

Visionary Soap is the UK's leading fair trade body care company whose whole range carries the FAIRTRADE mark,entirely dedicated to fair trade since the business inception in May 2005,they work with more fairtrade producer groups than anyone else in the industry. All of their products consist of an organic body care range handcrafted in the UK and abroad using ingredients from producers in Palestine,India,Burkina Faso,Nicaragua,The Dominican Republic,Sri Lanka and South Africa.

All of their products 38 in total,have been certified in accordance with international Fairtrade standards,more than any other company in our industry at present furthermore all products have been specifically formulated to contain a very high percentage of Fairtrade ingredients well above the minimum set requirement of 2% for a wash off and 5% for a leave on product their soaps,on average contain 60% Fairtrade ingredients,body butters-99 to 100% lip balms-34% body oils-19% and their gardeners hand salve-34% when others do the bare minimum,they strive instead for the maximum.

I was sent some fabby items to try i received:

  • 100 grams Lavender Soap £3.69
  • 100 grams Cinnamon Orange Clove Soap £3.69
  • Lemon Lip Balm £3.45
  • 100 ml Lemongrass,Rosemary & Mint Bath & Body Oil £ 9.25
  • Geranium Rose Bath melt. £9.95 for 6

Lavender Soap and  Cinnamon Orange Clove Soap

i personally don't tend to use soaps as i suffer from eczema and very dry skin and normally this results in bad reactions to trying out new ones so i wont lie i was dubious,the first thing i loved before even removing from the boxes was the gorgeous noise tingling smells all natural too which is brilliant! ,i found they lathered up really well,the soap was so gentle and it left my hands all lovely soft and fresh with no flare ups with my skin whatsoever...big thumbs up!

Lemon Lip Balm

Made with sunflower oil,Fairtrade certified olive oil from Palestine,Fairtrade certified Shea butter from Burkina Faso,Candelilla wax,vitamin E(a natural preservative) and lightly flavored with essential oils.
I don't tend to wear make up however lip balm is a must have in my handbag/changing bag so it really was one of the products i was most looking forward to testing,smells lovely i keep finding myself opening the little pot just to have a sniff! it made my lips feel soft and moisturized it never felt like my lips were drying out or feeling horrible and greasy like some lip balms can cause,easy to apply with fingers i like to gently massage it onto the lips.another plus is the size easy to pop in your bag or trouser pockets.

Lemongrass,Rosemary & Mint Bath & Body Oil

One of my favorites,smells glorious so many ways it can be used i personally love rubbing in a small amount on my skin especially my arms/elbows and knees where my skin gets really itchy from my eczema i find it helps leave my skin all supple and therefore i get a more relaxed and better nights sleep! i also use a little bit in my hair especially on the ends as my hair is really dry.

Geranium Rose Bath melt

The smell omg! how wonderful! i popped the bath melt under warm running bath water as stated by the time the bath was done it was all dissolved leaving in its wake a glorious smelling bath/bathroom i love the small bits of rose petals that i found floating around(anyone that knows me well knows i love roses!).
my skin was left moisturized soft and lovely smelling only downfall was cleaning the bath out afterwards as it left a greasy residue,a small price to pay though.


  1. These products sound lovely! I love the fact they are fair-trade too :) xo

  2. Brilliant! By the sound of it you had a lovely aromatherapy session :)

  3. All these products sound wonderful and they have a nice range of scents.

  4. ooo the lip balm sounds delightful! will come in handy during labour x

  5. What a great range - I'm always looking out for new toiletries to try out and these look great.

  6. I love the smell of these - a great company with soe lovely products

  7. The products sound fab but in my experience they don't deliver.


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