Thursday 13 March 2014

Pipsy Koala Review

Pipsy Koala

Pipsy Koala is dedicated to bringing you reasonably priced,good quality,useful and effective products to help make life with your baby a little easier,because then you've got more time to spend having adventures together!

I was recently sent the Unisex changing bag and the Automatic nightlight.

 Unisex changing bag

  • £24.99
  • mini padded travel changing mat
  • large chunky,easy to use zip
  • bottle insulator which will fit wide neck bottles
  • hygienic messy bag
  • multiple pockets
  • wipe clean surface
  • changing bag dimensions: 30x15x40cms
Our thoughts:

First off my boyfriend loved how finally we had a changing bag he was not embarrassed to be seen carrying around with him,he loved the design and colour and how comfy it felt when wearing out.I personally was not 100% on the design i would of rather a lovely pattern/design to it(its a girl thing!) however it was very comfortable to wear it was lovely and big fit in all my sons nappies/wipes/drink/snacks/my bits ie purse/keys/hairbrush ect and also a spare set of clothes for my 4 year old-just in case.because it has a wide base with all the extra bits and bobs in i found it never tipped over,i loved the wetbag and removable changing mat perfect for when on the go,even though i no longer use bottles for my son i still found the bottle holder handy as my sons beaker cup fits in it so means it can hygienically be kept separably and also if his beaker should leak at any point at least i know my other stuff will have some form of protection.

Automatic nightlight
  • £8.99
  • fully automatic
  • soft flexible dome
  • 50,000 hours use
  • economical
  • no heat generated
  • 3 year guarantee
Safe and reliable with very low power consumption.(0.4 watt).
Using an LED means that the light has a life span of approx 50,000 hours and is extremely economical to run.the light generates no heat and is guaranteed for 3 years.

My son who will be 3 in may is really unsettled at night time no matter what we do he just wont sleep without the door ajar and the hallway light on-the downfall for us being that we cannot sleep as the light outside is too bright! we was in a no win battle until Pipsy Koala sent me one of their Automatic nightlights to review.

Our thoughts:

The Automatic nightlight is absolutely fantastic!!  just plus into a wall socket and do nothing more ,the light comes on itself when dark and when it is light outside it turns right back off again.
I love how it uses LED technology generates no heat so it poses no burning or fire risks when left on overnight.

definitely recommend my son settles a lot better at nighttime now and because he has a low he no longer wakes us if he wakes he just talks himself back to sleep again. Brilliant!


  1. I reckon my husband would much prefer this changing bag to the 'yummy mummy' bag that I've got haha. X

  2. looks like a brilliant, size and perfect for organisation. I'm so nerdy when it comes to having stuff in certain places x

  3. Fab changing bag and nightlight - could have done with both of these products when mine were small :-)

  4. Cute - I'm currently on the hunt for the next changing bag, so will check these out!


  5. We love Pipsy Koala in our house we did the rains review . from love all blogs club .x


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