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Pourty Review

Potty Training(Guide taken from the Pourty website).

Potty Training is an important milestone for your child.over the years,parents have tried many differant techniques including holding their babies over the toilet from an early age after meals and encouraging them to do a wee,using a regimented schedule of fluid intake and toilet visits or trying systems of punishments and rewards.Now the most commonly used method is to wait until the child starts to show an interest and the parent feels up to the task.

There is no right or wrong time to start to potty train. a sensible age range is usually from 18 months-3 years,bear in mind the younger the child the longer potty training is likely to take.

Some signs your child may be ready for potty training:

  • can stay dry for at least 2 hours between wet nappies
  • regular/predictable bowel movements
  • being interested in others using the toilet/asking questions.
  • telling you if they are doing a poo or pee or have done one,telling you they are wet/showing discomfort
  • sitting on the potty
  • being able to pull down their own trousers and pants(back up again is a bonus)
  • enjoying praise and showing a desire to please and cooperate
  • able to understand simple instructions like find your potty or wash your hands
The most important thing is not to have a battle with your child,if they start to associate the potty with fellings of negativity the process will take much longer than is necessary.if you start and feel you're not getting anywhere or there has been no improvement after a couple of days then it is suggested stopping and retrying in a few months.avoid potty training at the same time as a big change in the family like a new baby or house must be commit time and make sure yourself and others are consistent with your approach.

The Pourty was designed by parents Jonnie and Lucy Rathbone.Now i have been very lucky as Pourty have very kindly offered me some products for my daughter to test and review for them, we  received:

  • The Pourty Potty
The Pourty potty won best new product to the market 2010/11 and is consistently rated 5/5 in potty reviews for quality,value for money and ease of use.
the convenience of a basic potty with a unique one piece design making it easy to empty and clean.


  • a wide flat seat which is comfortable for boys and girls to sit on and helps limit the red ring the children can get around their bottom when they have been sitting on the potty for a long time
  • a high splash guard to help prevent boys and girls from peeing over the top of the front of the potty
  • a sturdy plastic that gives children confidence that it will hold their weight and reduces the risk that the potty will stick to their bottom when they stand up
  • comes in 4 differant colours blue,pink,white and purple

  • The Flexi-Fit Toilet Trainer
the flexi-fit toilet trainer fits securely to most shapes and sizes of adult toilet seats.its low profile and ergonomic design are perfect for giving boys and girls the confidence to potty train on the big toilet in comfort.

The flexi-fit toilet trainer has a unique squeeze flex action and adjustable prongs so that it fits securely and doesn't wobble.this gives the child confidence and enables them to relax and focus on toilet training.

The flexi-fit toilet training seat also has a deep splash guard at the front above and below the seat to help stop your child from peeing over or out from under the toilet has a low profile and is ergonomically designed for greater comfort without raising the child too high above the normal toilet seat.

The flexi-fit toilet trainer comes in a stylish but discrete white white a blue rubber rim.

  • The Up Step
Most children's step stools measure 13-17cm high. the Pourty up step is a little taller at 21 cm high which is beneficial to the toilet training child.because children are tending to potty train at a later stage these days,they are tall enough to step onto a higher step stool.this extra height makes it easier for the child to get onto the toilet or reach the sink or counter.Also research shows that when a child's feet are supported instead of dangling,it helps them to go to the toilet.the taller up step provides that extra support and stability.

The up step is sturdy and strong,supporting the weight of an adult weighing up to 80kg. it incorporates a non-slip top and base for safety and is light and easy to move around with the handles at both sides.

The up step comes in white white a blue top and completes the Pourty toilet training product range.

My thoughts:

everything arrived in a big box all individually inside clear bags so you could see your items yet they were protected and kept clean.

my daughter who had been spying to see what had arrived was so excited when i showed her she had a new purple potty! We have been meaning to train her for ages we tried when she was 2 1/2 but after 2 weeks we knew she was not really and it just became more of a battleground then we left and retried in summer when she was 3 sadly she and the whole family came down with a severe tummy bug that was doing its rounds so we had to put back once more,before we knew it a move was on the cards so we was way too busy to be able to commit the time needed to training and then the move itself so again had to leave a few months for things to settle down a bit and for her to adjust to the change and so here we are with our daughter now aged 4 ready and both parties willing to go the length to get training sorted before reception starts in September!

Now the plan was i was going to do a day by day progress report based on the fact i knew how long it took to train my other children my two oldest were 19 months and 2  it took at least 6 months! my son has SN so technically is not still fully trained. anyway my daughter took to it like a duck to water she was happy and eager,excited even to get started putting on her big girl knickers within 30 minutes of explaining about the potty and saying we had stickers which she would get each time she does something in the potty she came up to me informing she had done a wee,at first i thought she was pulling a fast one to get a sticker but i dutifully checked to be sure but to my surprise she was telling the truth i couldn't believe it!
in the hour that followed she went another 3 times and by the end of the day we resulted in 8 wees and 2 poos(in knickers)

the next 3 days went really well all poos were still going in her knickers but every time she needed a wee she would use the potty we only had 3 wet accidents!

by day 5 she started doing poos in the potty too! she was soo happy with herself she couldn't stop clapping and laughing then asking for a sticker.

my first thought was: How clever! and why oh why have i never seen a potty designed like this before? i have seen cars and princess ones cheap ones and pricey ones but in all the years of potty's being around i have never seen one with such a easy to use/clean feature. we found that the potty was very strong,robust and sturdy she would happily sit on it for ages without complaining of her bum being sore like i remember my older children doing very often!

after a week and a half we moved her onto the  flexi-fit toilet trainer seat and the  Up Step.
easy to fit using the adjustable prongs, my daughter was really anxious the first time of using the big toilet she was scared about falling in or getting struck,once we managed to coax her on however this soon changed as the seat was securely attached so did not move,slip or wobble which gave her increasing confidence while using we found over the coming days that she grew more and more comfortable and would happily take herself off to the toilet ,her words were "i'm a big girl now mummy i go wee wee and poops and wash my hands all by myself" she is in knickers full time now and uses the toilet at nursery and out in public she still uses both the potty and the flexi-fit trainer seat though mostly opts to use the big toilet while she shows her younger brother what to do when hes ready to be big like her!.

We finally have a big girl who is happy and confident when using the potty in just a few short weeks.
Overall thoughts:

  • great value for money
  • nice strong and sturdy
  • offers confidence
  • easy to clean and use
  • love the colour choice in the potty's 
  • love the high splash guards preventing wee leaking
  • would recommend 100%
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Disclosure: i was not paid to do this review only to keep the product as a thank you for the time put into my review,all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. This has been really interesting and good to know. I used to teach Nursery and it is so frustrating for mothers and young children a like when potty and toilet training becomes an issue. I've even heard of a musical potty to encourage children to use it. I love the step and the flexi-fit to encourage independence. Glad its good value for money as well. You've described everything so clearly, brilliant review!I shall tell my friends with young children!

  2. What a great review :D I remember potty training my eldest was quite difficult as everyone tried to tell me I 'had to do it now' and she just wasn't ready. With Oscar I'll be taking a much more relaxed approach :)

    Louise x

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