Saturday, 25 January 2014

The Handbag

Ever wanted to delve into the world of a woman's handbag to find what mystery's they contain?
well i have decided to let you delve into mine(within reason),now bear in mind each woman is different most contain lots of makeup ect,i'm not one of them i can be girly but as far as makeup goes forget it,don't get me wrong i do wear it but its soo hard to find some that my eczema wont react to that half the time i don't even bother is what i do have.....

My bag,i love butterfly's as you can probably tell from here what i also love is how the cream print bag blends in with my sons purple pushchair perfectly(yes i said it purple is a unisex colour hehe)

i'm a avid keyring fan whether cool or blingy here is my Chucky keyring

And my other selection i love the keep calm range of aim is to get a batman and tweety keyring,still searching though

whether i was a mum or not i would always carry a small pack of hand wipes-great for removing make-up,cleaning anything sticky you may touch or generally just to freshen up in summer.

i try to keep everything in its compartments

just the basics you need smelly's and with kids i always have tissues and gloves handy in cold weather which in summer gets exchanged for sun cream lotion

my little diary-great for jotting notes down or appointments on the go i'm terrible at remembering so its a must for me oh and a car haha my son's for travelling of course

first aid kit with plasters,medicine spoon and sachets of medicine again another mummy thing,and sunglasses...well you can but hope!

every woman must have a pen and lip gloss at all times

my purse of course has to be in my fave pink rose print looking for small small things like keyring or similar to bling my purse up a bit

Assorted crap=chewing gum i always have that, Vaseline,headache tabs!,hair clips for my daughter i hate when i spend ages doing her her just for it to get messed up by the wind so these are a life saver  no idea why i have 3 packs of earphone piece replacements though :/

And that's it not very exciting but there you go,normally i would have a book for when out and about waiting for appointments ect but i have currently read them all several times over off to buy the hunger games book-set Monday though so the first of them will join it my bag 

so that's me, why not join me and share the contents of your life/bag ;)

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