Monday, 20 January 2014

Saturday treat at Bella Italia

i decided as i was in town to my youngest two munchkins that i would treat us all to a early dinner so we went to  in weymouth,it was lovely to eat somewhere that didn't sell big macs or chicken nuggets(as much as i love macs)it is the only place my autistic son will eat so a change is great!

I ordered a spagetti bolognese as did my daughter Alisha, They do a great little kids menu where you get 3 courses and a drink,Alisha had Grissini Italian Breadsticks for starters,her main was spagetti bolognese followed by a Ice Cream Cone Cup accompanied with a glass of milk.

The meal was lovely Alisha struggled to eat all her main mostly due to the spagetti falling off her fork yet inisting on no help! she seemed to love it mind you the amount she had on her face i wondered if any actually got inside her mouth!!
Sadly Aaron was in another non eating mood and none of the lush food would tempt him otherwise but we enjoyed it.

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my mini Superhero's