Tuesday, 14 January 2014

I was a model for Iroka Weymouth

Iroka Salon is characterized by a lively,welcoming vibe and a reputation among those in the know as one of the very best in Dorset area being the only Sassoon partner in the South with its contemporary electric,vibrant atmosphere in which toe experience e the unique philosophy and approach that Iroka and its creative team bring to the art of hairdressing. Iroka and is as affordable as it is distinctive and offers the highest level of client comfort,service and value for money.

With over 35 years of operating hair salons in the Dorset area they pride themselves on delivering the highest standards of customer service and promise every client the ultimate hair experiance.


I like to check out and test hairdressers in my area and as i only moved to Dorset in October up until now i have only used one up till now.
I came across Iroka in passing as i searched the side streets of Weymouth Town from there i was interested in finding out what services Iroka offer,my next step was to Google them where i found they offer a vast range of very pleasing treats including:

Beauty Treatments

Iroka Essentials

  • waxing
  • electrolysis
  • eyes
  • xtreme lashes
  • hands and feet
  • acrylic & fiberglass nail system
  • make up/tanning
Iroka Packages

  • yummy mummy
  • pamper parties
  • under 12's
  • night out
  • holiday
  • beautiful bride
These are among plenty of others as well as offers to see everything please do visit their website on the above link.

Via the website i then came across their Facebook page which is where i found their post asking for models for their level 2 apprentice's who are very close to qualifying,they were looking for people willing to have a graduated bob,shorter layered cuts and crop haircuts anyone wishing to take part and help them out were offered this cut free of charge.

Now as a busy mum of 5 it's lovely to get such a treat such as a trip to the hairdressers or nail bar ect,to get one free of charge even better and if that means in turn i get to help someone out in the process then Great,i'm all up for that.

The cut i went for was a textured layered bob which i also remember being told would have a graduation too.the lovely lady in charge of my care and cut was Jade,i found her to be very polite and chatty we spoke throughout my hair being done which was great i hate those stylists that come across very stiff and boring as its makes the whole experience uncomfortable but Jade was very down to earth and nice.
Loved having my hair prepped and washed,i think the massaging chair helped with that too was lovely to sit back and relax. one of the things i did notice when i arrived and was being looked after was how vibrant,modern and stylish the salon looked as well as shiny and clean,my cut took longer than usual but then that is to be expected being a model as things need to be double checked as you go along,it is certainly something i would happily do again though as it was a really enjoyable afternoon out and i love my new haircut even if i did get caught in the rain on the way home,now just to save to get it recolored,thinking i may look into getting my nails done at some point too as that's something i have never bothered with before :)

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