Wednesday, 8 May 2013

SugarPoke Review

SugarPoke someone today!

Whether you want to sugarpoke your happy birthday wishes,are looking for gifts for friends,send edible father's day gift's make a muffin or brownie delivery or just let someone know your thinking of them,sugarpoke is the way to go.

With just 4 very easy steps:

  1. Make your choice of yummy gift
  2. Choose your greeting's card design
  3. Tell us the message you want printing inside
  4. They then will  send it out 1st class delivery
(Every sugarpoke comes with a free exclusive greetings card,with your personalised message printed inside)

I had the great pleasure of getting to review for SugarPoke....a letterbox suprise...oooh i love suprise's.

2 days letter my parcel arrived in the slim brown box with the sugarpoke sticker logo on top,it fit perfectly through the letterbox which was great as i have lost count of the amount of stuff i have had damaged by the postman trying to force it through!

Upon opening, i found my little treats covered by lovely red tissue paper,pulling back i find...Fudge yes fudge....i absolutely love my fudge...also i received a bar of Tiffin...Onto the testing.

My treat was the Fudge me! Time for Tiffin!
RRP: £7.00

Time for Tiffin:

I have never heard of Tiffin let alone tried it so i went for this 1st... Honeycomb,biscuit,sultanas and chocolate on top sounds yummy right!?

Well it was! :D   i absolutely loved it though i only managed 3/4 as it got a little bit sickly(not because its not nice just very sweet) my partner on the other hand was not keen and the kids...they also loved it and between us nothing went to waste.

Fudge me:

OMG!! the fudge was heavenly i can honestly say i tried one and ran to hide with the one else got a look in...seriously...sooo creamy....7 pieces were not enough! ....... however for the price what you get is excellant value for money!

So go on over and check SugarPoke out for yourself You wont regret it!.


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