Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Bob the Baker yummy review

I recently won a Facebook competition with Bob the Baker to win a case of 12 yummy Cup Cakes mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Bob the Baker:

A Bristol based husband and wife team,All cakes are freshly made to order for any occasion whether it be, Birthdays,Weddings,Anniversarys,Character,Charity Christening and many more...

you can choose pretty much anything your heart desires...I decided on some Spiderman themed ones for my sons 2nd birthday.

they posted a couple of days before the big day..They arrived packaged to within an inch of their life!!... I was Bob the Baker's tester dummy so to speak for posting cakes out :D

And so i opened the box to find...........Yummy scrummy cakes..all in perfect condition,ok the case itself was a little bashed but not a touch to the cakes .

And as for the taste on the big day...They received a massive thumbs up from me and al the kids from my son upto my 13 year old,you certainly cant stop at one,hehe.i particulary loved the moist vanilla sponge.

Bob the Baker i highly recommend you!

So go on over and check them out guys and dont forget to let them know how you came to hear of them :).

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  1. Thank you so so much, made me all giggly reading this!! Kelly from Bob the Baker x

  2. wow! fantastic Bob the Baker...very impressed how they remained perfect through posting!


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