Thursday, 25 April 2013

Clever Designs Review and Giveaway

Clever Designs create words of Art which are handmade works of art through the use of words.
Words for any occasion,in a shape and style of their own.

Currently they have amoung their word art images a lovely fathers day albulm why not check them all out.
Here are a few examples of their fantastic Words of art:

I have very kindly been sent a Framed work of art to review,here are my thoughts:

Before being sent i got to choose my words,my keywords i wanted added was our family names and a few others ike precious/blessings and joy, i went for a family tree to represent us, i also decided on a black frame as thats the colour theme we have going on in our front room where the picture would be placed.

Upon arrival the one thing i noticed was how well it was packaged,tons of bubblewrap...much to my kids(ahem and my delight!!)...... we had a good 10 mins forever popping bubbles!! hehe.

As soon as i saw my framed work of word art i was bowled was outstanding,such thought put into every detail,the colours used was fantastic and really set the tree from the background. The frame itself was lovely,it had arrived in perfect condition and was made of a very good solid wood.

We have placed our framed word of art work on our window sill in our frontroom where it can be viewed and appreciated daily by ourselfs and not to be missed by any visiting and admiring guests. 

Dont you just love them!!

Wouldn't you like to own one? Yes? Well here is your chance
Clever Designs has very kindly offered one of my followers the chance to win a   8 x 10 framed print in choice of shape,words and colours- you will also get to chosse from either a black,white or oak frame.

In order of standing a chance of winning just fill out the rafflecopter form below.


Disclosure: i was not paid to do this review only to keep the product as a thank you for the time put into my review,all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. i would have my family names too- with 2 children of my own and 9 nieces etc i could fill one up x

  2. my close family names


  3. I would have our names, key words for each of us and my special blog url which is written specifically for my boy for when he's 18 :)

  4. Replies
    1. For me, I thinj I would pick the tree shape & have the family names, DOBs, personalities, towns....everything thats shaped us as a littke family unit!

  5. For me, I thinj I would pick the tree shape & have the family names, DOBs, personalities, towns....everything thats shaped us as a littke family unit!

  6. I too would have the tree shape and have all our names, dates of birth, birth towns and me and my hubbys wedding date

  7. I adore the family tree, what a great idea having been researching mine for the last 15yrs I would include surnames some of the more unusual first names Thirza, Jubilee and Adelaide, occupations got some great ones Cat Meat Purveyor!


  8. Names i reckon....not sure what else yet!

  9. as it's a family tree it would be fab to have the names of all my family both past and present xoxox

  10. I would choose words like 'Family, Love, Loyalty, Understanding, Sharing, Caring, Warmth'

  11. I think This would make a great gift for my parents wedding anniversary, words like memories, love, caring

  12. Our family names and some special words I think :)

  13. I think these are amazing would certainly have all the names & speacial things in my life

  14. like the tree shape with family names, but also think it would look good with town names of holiday places and memories words..

  15. All of our family names, and places we've lived - been travelling a lot the last couple of years!


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