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OXO TOT review

OXO TOT offers parents thoughtful products that help to guide,nurture and care for their little ones.
OXO have been making every day living easier for over 20 years.

All their products have easy opening packaging.
I have been given the opportunity to review a range of their items here is what i thought:

Training cup

  • Suitable for 12 months+
  • All parts are interchangeable
  • Holes in lid control the liquid flow
  • BPA/PVC/Phthalate free
  • Slow flow.
  • 260ml
  • £6.64
My thoughts:

  1. It is very cleverly designed
  2. Not as much mess involved as the small holes restrict how much can come out at once
  3. Great idea for moving a baby from a bottle straight onto a cup
  4. Also a really good and easy to use cup for older toddlers/young children.
Now with my 4 year old son his coordination is not very great so usually when drinking the contents of his cup go everywhere apart from in his mouth!
with the OXO training cup i have noticed that he has hardly spilt a drop and on the one occasion he did it was very minimal due to the unique holes at the top.
My 2 year old has also had no problems she has only used 1 other cup and that was a nightmare but this one was a breeze,big thumbs up from us.

Divided feeding plate
  •  Removable ring
  • Suitable for 6months+
  • Plate divided into recommended portions designed for proteins,vegetables and grains
  • £8.17
My thoughts:

  1. Good size
  2. Helpful as a guide to how much of what food groups your child should be eating.
  3. Easy to clean
Straight away my daughter couldn't wait to use her new plate,she even helped me dish her dinner up which seeing as she has recently become a picky eater who just don't seem interested in food.
It has not only helped her become more interested again but also more willing to eat more as i am now putting the correct amount on the plate which is about half of what i was giving her.

Also works well for a few snack/supper like the above picture.

Divided feeding dish
  • Suitable for 6months+
  • Removable ring and lid
  • Non slip base
  • £8.17
Specially contoured feeding dish is comfortable in the hand for a secure grip while feeding.

My thoughts:

  1. Love the seperated partitions so you can keep dinner/pudding seperate
  2. Again really easy to clean
  3. Love how the edge of the ring is curved as its great or scraping off any excess food.
I really like how easy to use this feeding dish is,its really comfortable to the touch and generally to hold. the removable ring and lid make it really easy to clean and also very versatile with how you decide to use it. i like how the lid just clips  on so once you have finished feeding your/in my case my baby you can pop on and put in your changing bag without worrying about any mess that can happen.
The only downside to the feeding dish is that its not very deep its great for when you are just starting out but although my son still eats lots of pureed food he has now starting eating the whole jar(stage 2) and as such it fills one section right to the brim,the same for his dessert so they keep overlapping and blending together which obiously cant taste very pleasant to my son.
The only way around this was to only put half of each in then the 2nd half which is a pain.
I feel if it was just 1 inch deeper this could be avoided.
However all in all this is still a great product.

Fliptop snack cup.
  • Suitable for 12months+
  • 150ml
  • £5.11
perfect shape and size for on the go eating.

My thoughts:

  1. Small and compact
  2. Great for on the go
  3. Even though its small its large enough to hold your toddlers snacks

I have always used my daughters munchkin snack catcher and absolutely love it however my daughter is now 2 1/2 and so i feel now needs something more grown up yet still useful and easy for on the go.
Along came the snack cup,again love the sleek design,i found it was deep enough to store my daughters snacks in yet small enough to fit into the changing bag,if im honest i prefered its slimmer design as it took up less room.
My daughter manged to use it easily and seemed to like her big girl snack cup and every time we go out will request it.She did have trouble opening the lid but i think i prefer this as it mean no unwanted food falling out without her being supervised.
admittedly if she dropped it then everything will tend to fall out but being that bit older the likelihood of this happening is not very high anyway.

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