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Content and calm Cot Canopy Breeze and Protecti Shade Buggy review

I could not believe it when i was given the opportunity to review for Content and Calm i absolutely love their products!
I was sent to test and review the Cot Canopy Breeze and the Protecti-Shade.

First up the Protecti-Shade:

This clever mesh creates shade while still allowing you to see in to check on your baby and with its simple ties and compact travel bag you will never be caught out again.


  • Unique one size fits all buggy mesh protection(singles,doubles and tandems)
  • creates darkness and UPF sun protection instantly
  • easy to attach mesh with simple ties
  • see through mesh protects from insects
  • lightweight with its own carry bag
  • also attaches to the original UPF50 ProtectiShade car seat with simple velcro fastening
  • £9.99
  • As seen on Dragon's Den

My thoughts:

The ProtectiShade Buggy came very nicely packaged with great pictures and details on the cardboard insert.
Upon removing i loved how neat it all looked the carry bag i especially loved the lime green colour gave it a very fresh look,i also could not get over how small and slim it looked.

Onto the testing:

firstly i tried it on my Mookie quicksmart, i did struggle at first mainly as i couldnt get it to stay up it kept dragging on the floor so i emailed the marketing director for advice who explained how there was 2 side straps that you can attch to either the top or bottom of the pushchair handles to left the bottom up i was very glad of her kind help and did as she mentioned and yes it worked a treat.
I then went on to use it on my britax b-dual and it worked even better i didnt need to adjust it i never used the side straps when my son was facing me as i had nowhere bar wise to attach them i just tied behind the seat unit it still worked really well and caused no problems.
Now i know it has been designed to fit on doubles as well however i dont have one  i did use it when my 2nd seat was attatched but it never covered the 2nd seat properly(this i hope is something maybe to be considered for tandem buggy users in future i hope especially if based at a good price as this one is £9.99 i would say £15-£20 would be a reasonable selling price,if there was one now i for one would buy it).
i love the Protectishade buggy it is small,convieniant and best of all it works! my son slept a dream whenever i used it.

Now onto the Cot Canopy Breeze:

The new canopy breeze provides a super-streamlined,lightweight darkness and insect protection for all cots,cotbeds and travel cots.
It is made out of black mesh,it offers all the great features of the award winning original cot canopy in a compact travel bag.


  • Suitable for all cots,cotbeds and travel cots
  • One size fits all-upto 148L x 85W x 115H with a top rail of no more than 4.5 cm
  • Provides darkness,shade,insect and cat protection
  • Patented design gives essential head height for long term use
  • Great darkness whilst allowing visability for you
  • Lightweight and super streamlined
  • Suitable from birth to 3 years +
  • £59.99
My thoughts:

I was really excited to be receiving this product,my 4 year old is autistic and my 1 year old worryingly is showing alot of similar signs as his older brother one of them being sleep!
He just will not sleep it makes no differance whether during daytime or night time he will literally scream till hes gasping for breath or is sick,we have tried numerous sleep techniques all without success.

So im putting all my hopes into the Cot Canopy,fingers crossed!

Day one,setting up i found this really easy i had to stand in the middle to find the center but apart from that it was a piece of cake to attach which i found pleasantly suprising.
I applied it to my sons travel cot it fit nicely,i tucked the little bit of excess material underneath the cot out of site.
Once it was my sons naptime i placed him in and instantly instead of crying he was looking around him and started babbling and laughing and playing with his cuski blanket,a big change from his usual reaction.Next up bedtime, In he pops again for first 5 minutes he seemed happy then his normal screaming resumed-o dear! i think hes realised what time it is and he is having none of it!.

On day 2 he again loved being in his Cot Canopy and come bedtime? if was fine! a few minutes of grizzling but i zipped him semi up and after another 5 minutes he passed out and stayed that way till 6am no screaming and no 2 or 3 mid morning wake ups bliss i think i had actually forgotten what a good night sleep was.
And from there on in set the pattern and a few weeks later he is still happy to sleep in his bed he even plays happily at night times now too as soon as i put him in he laughs before playing.and i for one could not be happier.

Now it says it is suitable for 3 years + so i tried my 2 1/2 year old in it,she really liked it however it became a game for her to keep zipping and unzipping it and if you tried to stop her she would throw a paddy and try pulling it down from the center so after trying on a few occasions i gave up with her.

My final thoughts:


i would definatly recommend and at £59.99 its a steal! i really cannot fault it the only thing i will say is personally i think its more suitable for 0-2 years
otherwise i have a happier son as hes getting a good nights sleep and mummy has soo much energy as a result of more sleep too.

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