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ChewiGem is proud to introduce their range of stylish necklaces that are designed to look amazing whilst discreetly serving your childs need to chew.

It is widely recognised that many children and adults who have sensory issues find chewing a way of remaining calm.These disorders can include but are not limited to:

sensory processing disorder(SPD) 
Autism spectrum disorder(ASD)
and Attention deficit disorder(ADD)


  • Non toxic and safe to chew on it carries the CE mark.
  • Hard Wearing and tough(not indestructable though)so check for signs of damage and replace when needed.
  • Although not indestructable more reasurring than chewing on unsuitable items that may contain toxins ect.
  • stylish and discreet
  • wide range of shapes and colours
  • washable in a steriliser,dishwasher or hot water.
  • Fitted with a breakaway clasp for an extra satety measure.
  • comes on a long cord which can be cut to adjust your child
  • not made with hard beads so less chance of wear and damage to the teeth
  • priced in line with most high street necklaces despite the high quality of the materials.
  • is a family run business producing necklaces of this kind.all made with care and attention
Now my 4 year old was diagnosed with autism last june and since then we as a family have been trying all we can to make his and our life easier and this includes with products to help him learn,improve life and social skills,have fun and help his motor skills,balance ect.

When we was given the chance to review ChewiGem we jumped at the chance

Now when it arrived it came in a pretty netted bag.
The one we opted for was the Raindrop Nebula RRP: £12.50
I love the colour it reminds me of the glistening sea.

Our thoughts:

My son i must say seemed a little confused when i first showed him the necklace no doubt as he has only ever seen me or his sisters wear them,however once i explained to him that this was his special one that he could wear and chew on to his hearts content he loved it and couldn't wait to put it on.
And i must say since the first day of wearing he tends to chew on his ChewiGem more than his clothing/toys which i for one am very grateful for!(although i do have to keep an eye as he tends to try to chew the cord..which is not recommended)

It was very easy to adjust the size(the pic taken was before i adjusted it)
i like how even though its soft enough to the touch it is also very strong and i can see it lasting him for a long time,now i have been using it a few weeks now and i can honestly say i can see no signs of wear and tear or teeth indents and for that i was pleasantly surprised as unlike a baby he really gets his teeth stuck into it lol.

The only thing i will say is that although i love the colour and design its not very boyish and even my son kept saying can i have a car one? lol i think even animal styles or similar would be really nice for boys :)

To view all of  ChewiGem's range why not visit their website
Also you can like them on Facebook  

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