Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Halloween Crafting Fun

It's time to get those skeletons out of the closet,let loose the bats and spiders and get down and get all crafty with the kids....It's time for HALLOWEEN!

One of the best and most fun times of the year!

We have had lots of busy days getting crafting in preparation for Halloween,Let's take a look at what we have been up to.....

Scratch art haunted houses RRP £2.95 for a pack of 8
This was something both Alisha and Aaron enjoyed doing,Alisha loved decorating her witch's house with her evil cat and spooky windows,she keeps asking me to buy more of these....

 Halloween mosaic wand kits RRP £3.96 for a pack of 4

we really enjoyed this one though my daughter refused to colour coordinate them she wanted it done her way!

Day of the dead foam stickers RRP £2.99 for a pack of 105 as seen featured on the top hat craft kits RRP £2.70 for a pack of 3.

This was Alisha's best one to do even though we had to use sellotape to hold pieces together I don't think the cheap glue we brought was very good!
She loved decorating it as did her brother Ethan aged 8.

Spider weaving placemat kit RRP £4.48 for a pack of 4
We really struggled with this one! hehe It is easy but Alisha needed help and I couldn't work out how to do the ribbon patterns...we got their in the end after daddy took over and got it done.....end result...they look awesome

Bat handprint decoration kits, RRP £3.49 for a 4 pack
This was my personal favorite,really easy to figure out and do and they are so darn cute,Alisha need a bit of help knitting but otherwise did them herself.

Day of the dead keyring and bag dangler sets RRP £3.75 for a 3 pack.
fun,bright,easy to do Alisha had lots of fun rearranging the faces!
Aaron as pictured took a big liking to this particular one.

Again a massive thank you to Baker Ross for sending us lots of crafts to keep the kids entertained during the festive season,we have all had a blast making and creating.

Don't forget to check out Baker Ross for all of your Halloween craft needs!

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