Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Autumn crafts with Baker Ross

Looking for something to do with this kids this Autumn for fun or to pass those rainy days? Then look no further than Baker Ross, We received lots of crafts to get us started and in this post we are focusing on Autumn Crafts.

We still need to do our porcelain plates as mummy(me) forgot to buy paint however we have had lots of fun making pom pom hedgehogs- i'm afraid these turned out wrong as Alisha insisted she do them herself,really struggled and got the wool all tangled so how it turned out was after us trying and failing to save it! still very cute though,Alisha has now placed these in her bedroom!
among the many items we also had fun doing the stained effect monkey decorations- Alisha really enjoyed doing these she wouldn't let us add the paper for the stained effect though-what can I say? is after all Alisha's masterpiece....out of all of the crafts though our personal favorite was the hedgehog cushion sewing kits,really for all of the kids-myself included to do I also love how it helps my Autistic 8 year old as he has poor hand control and these are the kind of things he does in occupational therapy.

Go check out Baker Ross now for 100's of crafts to choose from,I promise you there will be something even for the fussiest of children!

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my mini Superhero's