Sunday, 27 July 2014

The Works. Marvel Hero Origins story collection-4 book slipcase review

I recently had the privilege of being selected as a lucky reviewer for  The Works!

I will start with one thing i absolutely love The Works i buy all my books from their i find them tons cheaper than anywhere else and there is always something you never noticed from the last time you popped into the store,i'm also totally gutted that my local Weymouth branch is shutting down as i dont drive this means i will have to bus to Dorchester any time i want a book fix...however it is do-able and will make the trips more worthwhile.

From an early age we have brought books for our children and i'm happy to say they are more or less all turning into fellow book nerds!

Back to the review....

My son Ethan 7 chose to review the  Marvel Hero Origins story collection,hes really into his superheros at the moment even if a Marvel fan(my DC influence will work eventually)
His face was a picture when it arrived-well sealed and protected in hardbacked cardboard, the four books included are: Spider-Man,Captain America,X-Men and Thor,his first choice to read of course being the one and only SpiderMan.

First of all the pictures are beautifully illustrated,i love how some pages there is no writing at all as this allows you to just wallow into the pure art of the picture.The story's themselves are not in comic form but rather in a regular story book format to be honest though for the age range they are aimed at i feel this was the right way to do it as its easier for young readers to read and follow the story. i would say the book set is aimed for 6+ years,my son  being autistic is about a year delayed with his reading and writing skills however he managed to read and enjoy the books easily if a little slower. i love how it has a more grown up feel definitely a step up from the mega cute Super Hero Squad range.

Our son and I myself loved these books,Ethan also loved the free stickers that came with it. the book itself retails at £24.99 however you can get it from The Works at the great and worthwhile price of just £11.99.

We recommend you buy this for any Marvel/Super Hero mad fan!

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