Sunday, 10 November 2013

Toys Galore

Wild Republic Junior Jungle-Dino

Arrived  in very appealing packaging,upon removal from the box i was pleasantly surprised by how much detail had been put into each dinosaur,my son loved the bright colours and got busy straight away recreating a Dino play with lots of noise and mimicking of the Dino's facial expressions. This alone was great in my eyes as being autistic he was selective mute for ages and even now struggles to decipher emotions.The Dino's were also really lovely and soft so i knew even though my son plays heavy handed that these will be a long and durable toy,great for him.

Tomy Octopals Bath Toy

A fantastic floating bath toy.
Features mummy Octopus and her 8 little babies that can squirt,and be stuck to the bath tiles/and/or bath.
Myself and my 2 year old son had tons of fun pouring with mummy Octopus helping her to wash her babies.
You can have great fun colour matching too however i don't think my sons quite ready for that yet.

Barbie Princess Styling Head

Every little girl loves to play with barbies,and now you can style her hair too! brush her hair either by putting all the pretty clips and spirals in or just leave it down and daughter loves the Barbie Styling Head and i love how its giving her practice n how to do her own,she even used the pink brush supplied to brush her own hair. My only bug bear was the little clips my daughter really struggled to undo them and one actually broke,this aside though it makes for a great present just be sure to keep an eye on younger siblings due to the small parts involved.

P.s there are only 44 days left till Christmas are you ready? have you checked out The official Dream toys list for inspiration? you never know maybe something your children have asked for is on the list!

Dream Toys available at Argos online here.

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