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mam review

mam review

i was sent some fantastic products to review by the lovely people over at mam.
They sent me the mam perfect,bite and brush and the self sterilizing anti colic bottle.
My first impressions was how much i loved the bright bold colours and designs.
And with in mind i set off with reviewing them on my 4 month old son.

First up the mam bite and brush.the teether with very soft bristles.
This is suitable from 3 months and is BPA free.
rrp:  £5.10

I loved how soft this was to the touch,my son took to it right away was a bit put out when i first put it in his mouth but 1 he bit down onto it there was no stopping him biting away!!.
My son currently has no teeth but is teething like mad and so i am on the lookout for teething products that actually work.And ive got to say i was very impressed with this.It was small enough for my son to grab and hold and because of the design it was easy to apply teething gel  and unlike when applied by the finger this stays on the product and therefore giving him more relief.

The mam perfect dummy.
suitable from 0+
designed to reduce the risk of misaligned teeth.
rrp: £5.50

I truly love this dummy more than any other in the mam range.and not just because of the style but the fact its alot thinner too as a result of this he never has an issue taking it like some other bigger ones.its also alot softer which i believe he seems to prefer.This product comes in a ready self sterilized box which i washed as well as the dummy in hot soapy water before 1st use.
As for sterilizing that was simple you just:
wash soother and box in warm soapy water,rinse with clear.fill the sterilizing box to 25ml of water.firmly attach the holder clip to the dummy and then place it dummy facing downwards into the box.close the box and heat in the microwave.....  750-1,000 watts for 3 minutes.wait at least 5 mins before removing box,empty        
then leave dummy to dry in the box.
aaron loves his mam perfect dummy!!.

The mam anti-colic self sterilising bottle.130 ml rrp £ 4.75
suitable from birth,wash before 1st use.

this is a fantastic bottle ive never used a am one before but intend to buy more now as my son took to them has a small teat with 2 flatter son struggles with most as the teat is too large and he either plays with his milk or seems to choke on it,with this bottle i experianced neither of these problems..i love the green neutral colour and the cute design.its the perfect size for newborn babies.
As for sterilizing its a simple 4 steps....  1. clean each individual bottle part.
                                                           2. measure 20ml of cool water using bottle lid,and pour into bottle base with the valve.
                                                           3. place the screw ring with teat in the bottle base with bottle body on top then the bottle lid.
                                                           4. place into microwave.
put on ull power(depending on wattage) for 3 minutes.

this bottle is great value for money i would buy it for sure!!.

For more info on their products why not go give them a visit over at mam

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