Sunday, 4 September 2011

bubble and balm review

Bubble and balm review.

I received some products to review from the fab bubble and balmpeople.
The products were a new range of  luxery items.i received:
the luxury anti-bacterial handwash,this is glycerine-enriched with  an essential oil anti-bacterial formulation which is effective against mrsa,e coli and any other nasties.
it comes in a stylish silver pump bottle, £4.99 for 200ml.

I also received the citrus soap in a tin,this is a pure glycerine soap with a blend of essential oils including lemon,mandarin and grapefruit.again comes in a stlish silver tin which also doubles as a great waterproof soap dish..
it again is £4.99 for a 85g bar.

(A little fact 4 u all)All of their products carry the fairtrade mark,being the 1st 100% fairtrade bodycare company in the uk.

Now to what we as a family thought:

My 1st initial reaction was this looks so luxurious a real treat in a pump/tin.normally i just buy the cheap brand soaps in the paper wrappers which  tend to dry your hands out after frequent use.
with these even after limitless uses from 6 members of my family  our hands felt soft and  really clean with no sticky residue feeling being left.
my 4 year old loves how to handwash went all foamy in his hands.and i just cant get enough of the soap for the smell alone if nothing else its just soo gorgous and fruity!.
we have been using the products for about a week now and their is still loads left even with such a big family using it.

for me also i love the fact they are made from recycled packaging.
i will buy some more of these from waitrose as its near us(only as a treat mind) but 1 a month for it to last 2 weeks in my opinion is worth every penny.this get a thumbs up from us.

you can find out more and to buy or other places to buy these lovely products at bubble and balm

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