Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Christmas with Baker Ross

Christmas is my favorite time of the year I love everything about it from wearing Xmas jumpers and playing Xmas tunes especially the classics,baking,crafting,even getting the Xmas eve boxes ready and wrapping the present I even enjoy choosing the gifts and making lots of notes of what to buy and who has what,the only thing I hate is the business of the shops which is why I like to be finished by December and I'm happy to say minus a couple of small bits and food we are all set just need to get the tree and decorations up!

Recently I received a knock at the door and was handed another fabulous box of crafts from Baker Ross I'm new to the Baker Ross panel of Bloggers but I must say me and my children are loving testing out all of their fantastic products all at such great prices.This time around its Xmas themed products including gingerbread hanging decorations,Nativity Lanterns a snowman house kit Christmas bucket buddies festive door hangers and our son Aaron's favorite the mini toy penguin's


We loved all of our Christmas box especially the mini Snowmen toys and the Snowman house kit which I was really surprised by how easy it was to assemble, the one thing we did struggle with was the Angel peg doll kit,We went really wrong somewhere and didn't manage to get one completed that didn't look ummmm Scary!....then again I'm a complete newbie when it comes to anything complex crafting wise.
The Reindeer frames are totally lush,very very cute! they look so good just need to find some  pictures to go inside them,The kids loved coloring in the door hangers and after asking me to write their names promptly put them on their bedroom door handles where they plan on keeping them till the big day!

Baker Ross has once more given our children hours of fun crafting to do which will look fantastic alongside the rest of our Christmas bits and the tree,Go check out their great range now and stock up, perfect to get the kids busy before the next time, or why not even buy a bundle of stuff and give it as a present, hours of enjoyment to be had at low prices,or do my personal favorite and pop an activity ot two into each of the children's Xmas eve boxes which they can do before bedtime,Baker Ross is very versatile in what you decide to do. We love them and so Will you!

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