Friday, 14 November 2014

Let's help Lily-mai get her Disney Wish!

Hi there this post i have written for my lovely friend Liz and her children Lily,Chloe and Blake.On the 15th July 2014 their life's drastically changed after Lily fell and bumped her head she was very sleepy and began to vomit which resulted in her mum calling 111 who sent out an ambulance,after being rushed to hospital  and having a CT scan to rule out any bleeds on the brain they found a brain tumor. Since this lily has ha surgery to remove the tumor however it is attached to the brain cortex and as a result it couldn't all be removed,Lily is currently on a intensive course of chemotherapy.

Now Lily's dream is to have a very magical holiday with her family to meet Minnie mouse and swim with the dolphins she would love to do this once her treatment is over or if she cannot as she instead gains angel wings then she would love her family to have a happy memory.

In order to get her wish though she needs our help and has set up a fund where we can all help by donating so she can eventually get her wish.If you can and would like to help donate you can over at Lily-mai's Disney Wish if you cant donate you can still help by sharing this post so others can read and between us we can make her wish come true!

You can also follow Lily's story over on her Facebook page Lily's Cancer Journey

Let's do this for Lily who is already a Superhero !


  1. Poor Lily May. I will share for you. I hope she gets her wish

  2. Aw :( I will also share this! Wish her the very best and that it'll come true


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